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  2. philip

    Really digging these new tracks!

    I am pretty sure it is from the Ghost Whisperer. BK talks about that clip in this interview: http://thedwarf.com.au/interview/ben-kweller-trucks-prostitutes-and-ghost-whisperer
  3. Martyn

    Really digging these new tracks!

    The songs sound great, I've already got Only A Day stuck in my head! Any idea what that's from?
  4. Christopher

    RSD Black Friday

    I was wondering if any of you guys will be participating in Record Store Day Black Friday and if so, what releases are you interested in? A few I'd like to pick up are: The Byrds-Sweetheart of the Rodeo (Legacy Edition) Sheryl Crow-Tuesday Night Music Club Soul Asylum-The Twin Tone Years Violent Femmes-Permanent Record So, what about you guys?
  5. Seth

    Airplay for BK (hey that rhymes)

    I heard Magic in an Office Depot earlier this year. I was surprised, especially considering Magic wasn't even a single (as far as I am aware, at least).
  6. Sitting at a Granite City in Indianapolis, Indiana at 96th and Meridian (north of Indy), and Jealous Girl just came on the radio. What a great song man. Good music video too (Great acting by the great ben Kweller as well). I then explained to my father that the song is about a girl killing her boyfriend and he goes "Oh jeez...doesn't match the tune!" He still enjoyed it though. Thought I'd share on the best holiday of the year! Hope everyone's Halloween is swell.
  7. BrianS

    It’s up to you

    I know it and have a couple recordings of it too. If I remember correctly, Ben introduces it as a song he wrote for the Bill Bradley 2000 presidential campaign. Good stuff!
  8. Lexington

    It’s up to you

    I have a live recording of this song stuck on an old IPod from way back in the day, a duet between Ben and Evan Dando, an original the two of them co-wrote in New York pre-Sha Sha. It’s so good! A real BK holy grail! Anyone else know it? Ben if you are reading, are you able to share your memories and feelings around this song or about touring with Evan? Was it ever studio recorded? How much would we have to bug you to put it out?
  9. All, My family has entered a new era. After one divorce in the course of 50 years that my grandfather can remember, we have had another a few years ago and another possibly pending. My Brother. He's heartbroken, and so am I. I loved "Sha Sha" back when it came out. When I first talked to my brother about his situation, I had multiple songs from that commercial album in stuck in my head for weeks. They seem to hit the same notes of pain and hurt that he is feeling. But, Ben was so young when that album was recorded. Does anyone know what motivated those songs during the writing phase? Are there old articles or forum posts that I haven't found yet? Sha Sha, Walk on Me, Family Tree, and others are all stuck in my head. Any insight on the circumstances that motivated the writing of those songs (actually, more of them)? One thing I remember from a few scientific publications is that people who listen to sad songs are generally happier. I believed it then because I liked alt-country and Kweller songs at the time I read it. How does this study's findings relate to people going through unwanted life changes. How does "Walk on Me" translate to a guy that is in late 30s with a wife that wants to end it regardless of the kids and such? Frank
  10. philip

    Really digging these new tracks!

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I love that Jennifer Love Hewitt clip towards the end.
  11. Seth

    Really digging these new tracks!

    Sweet video I just found. There's a preview of Only A Day in there... sounds awesome!
  12. Denverick

    What happened to Go Fly A Kite on Spotify?

    Haha word! Glad to hear it's coming back!! Rest assured the spreadsheet got made... it was just to the sound of the dude across from me enjoying his cheetos.
  13. Yo @Denverick !!! Thank you for telling me!! it's totally temporary. NoiseCo is switching distributors and it will be back sooooooon. Sorry you could't enjoy my spreadsheet jamz... ?xoxoBK
  14. I was sitting in the library today and thought I'd quietly jam out while I worked on some dumb spreadsheet, but much to my terror when I opened Spotify, Go Fly A Kite was nowhere to be found! Is this just a temporary thing? I dearly hope so.
  15. Deebee

    Favorite BK Memories

    I have many memories... My favorite is seeing BK as passenger in his gray Volvo 240 on the highway after a show he did at UCONN in CT. I remember trying to get in front of the Volvo so he'd notice my sweet BK bumper sticker. Lol. My friend Mai came up to CT to go to the show with me, and little did we both know that she'd shortly soon after be going on tour with him as the official merch lady. Hehe. Sweet sweet mammaries
  16. Xanthein

    Radish vinyl reissues

    Would be nice wouldn't it? Hopefully we might get a proper Discount Fireworks release (not sure about what formats)
  17. philip

    Please follow THE GET YOU

    @Ben Listening to "Stick by Me" right now.
  18. Ben

    Please follow THE GET YOU

    Thanks everyone who liked the page! We got well over 25 likes and now the band has the official URL www.fb.com/thegetyou @philip yes it will totally be on Spotify! If you dig it please consider buying it on iTunes or sharing the Spotify link with your friends. Thanks for supporting cool musicccc!!!!
  19. philip

    Please follow THE GET YOU

    LIKED! I look forward to checking them out. Will his album be on Spotify?
  20. celtic745

    OFFICIAL: My new album has a name....

    I am super stoked about this. Any idea when we'll get our first taste of the new music?
  21. Hey guys! You probably remember the amazing, Fred Eltringham, who played drums in the Sha Sha band and also recorded On My Way with me. He’s got a really cool band called The Get You. FB has a new rule where you need 25 likes before you can have your own URL. Please go over to Facebook and be one of the first to follow them. Click here: https://www.facebook.com/The-Get-You-2160599297552224 Thanks for the support! BK
  22. Xanthein

    What are you listening to?

    A Welsh band the Joy Formidable. Saw them recently in Cardiff and they were awesome. The support Bryde was surprisingly good.
  23. Xanthein

    The New BK vid

    An interesting vid. Lovely dog, fantastic large barn - larger than my house lol. Air horns gave me one hell of a jump. I know the spelling is different, but are you aware of Quella bikes Ben?
  24. Mudhut6

    Radish vinyl reissues

    Any plans to reissue the Radish catalogue on vinyl? And/or a reunion tour?? (I know it's unlikely)
  25. Xanthein

    OFFICIAL: My new album has a name....

    Looking forward to it :)
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