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  2. Hey folks, Daniel Romano has been on fire this year, putting out 9 amazing releases with number 10 on the way. Sadly, I had never heard of him before this streak, but it turns out he had a hand in the art design of Changing Horses. Anyone have any info on what he did for Changing Horses? Was it solely art design? The country twang of the album certainly fits with his early vibe. Would love to hear more about this bizarre intersection of an old favorite and a new favorite!
  3. Are there any reissues of Radish unreleased songs planned for this year? It would be nice old live recordings or other.
  4. I used my xboxOne and the terrible "Edge" browser and managed to get it to work so I could watch it on my 4kTV. It was awesome. I cant wait for the next one...
  5. Figured out it'll work casting from Google Chrome, if anyone cares.
  6. Any way to watch it on an AppleTV? Trying to watch it on my TV not my computer...Thanks!
  7. Ben how did you write "Apparition of Purity" as a teenager?? I could barely tie my shoes
  8. Will you be releasing Dizzy and Hello and other projects, demos or live performances as well over time or just the 2 albums
  9. Ladies and gents, Starz has been released and after all the hype of this song over the last few years, i must say it does not dissapoint, quickly becoming one of my favourite Kweller songs. Its on streaming now and a reminder that Radish's first album 'Restraining Bolt' is also out on streaming platforms https://open.spotify.com/album/6gOhGq1SiCeyysnGXisvCA https://music.apple.com/us/album/starz-single/1504243684 https://open.spotify.com/artist/6cLlK80e14zGQyq84eENDv
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  11. @rp27 im working on it!!!
  12. Man, @Ben it'd be cool to get some Discount Fireworks to hold us over during these dark times.
  13. I really appreciate this! I haven't gotten to see Ben live since November 2010.
  14. I really enjoyed this. Thanks for recording and uploading.
  15. Went to BK's show on Sunday and took some video. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/OI2ukkDaG7I
  16. Pretty rad, dude! I wish I could find people to play BK and Raidsh songs with around here.
  17. Hello! Has anyone out there performed any BK covers? It would cool to compile that stuff somewhere. For my school variety show thing/event/whatever this last year I played Wasted and Ready with my drummer friend Blake (Who had a broken ankle at the time which made for an interesting story). Sorry about the weird intro I had no control over that. (For some context, we came on and did this after my high schools a cappella group which is kinda hilarious)
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  19. Hip hip hooray! Thanks, Ben!
  20. Now we just need the Holy Grail, Discount Fireworks. So cool to finally have Restraining Bolt streaming. Would totes by some Radish vinyl if that ever happened.
  21. hey party people, I really love this forum, but I've been thinking about switching us over to a different platform called Muut. Do any of you web developers have any experience with Muut? What I really love about Muut is that it integrates with Shopify in a way that lets us use 1 login for all of BK.com. That is really appealing to me. Especially with the new Bright and Early club, I want all of us to have one simple BK account - whether someone is just a guest buying a tshirt, someone who loves posting on the forum, or a B&E member that wants to manage guest list spots or chat with other members, etc..... This forum is built in InvisionCommunity which is cool, but..... OK nerd friends, please chime in - or if you aren't a nerd like us, chime in if you have an opinion either way from a usability standpoint. xoBK
  22. Starz!!!!!! So glad you like this jam. indeed it is not out yet, but it will be coming out in the next few months as is the whole freakin album!!!!!!
  23. I guess I should always go with my gut then! I’ll check and see if it’s been released yet. Thanks!!
  24. You had it right before. The song is called "Starz."
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