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  2. JediSLP

    Favorite BK Memories

    First saw Ben when he opened for Barenaked Ladies at Red Hat Ampitheater in Raleigh, NC around 2007 or 2008 I believe it was. I had never heard of him and was overjoyed with the show he put on. The first song he played was Penny on the Train Track and I was hooked from that moment on. It taught me to not disregard opening acts and from then on, I’ve found a trend of really enjoying the artists I see opening for others. It also spurred me into supporting local musicians and getting out there for live music right in my hometown.
  3. JediSLP

    Your First Love (Musically Speaking)

    I think Elvis Presley and Creedence Clearwater Revival started it all. My sister and I would put their records on after supper and put on a show for our parents. I was around 4-5 years old. Later, I was mesmerized by all things Prince and the Revolution, Michael Jackson. As time went on, I was drawn to everything from rap to folk to jazz. Nowadays I still have eclectic tastes. On my playlist right now is BK, Trevor Hall, Joni Mitchell, Will Evans, Madonna, BNL, Concrete Blonde, Wyclef Jean, Radical Face, The Doors, 3eb, ....
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  5. sometimesrock

    Seattle show

    Holy crap!!! What a show!!! The band was tight and feeding off the crowd!! They played three new songs that included Heart Attack Kid. The other two I believe were Stars and You Can't Hold Me Down (?) And they RIPPED. I can't wait for the new album and I hope Ben brings the band back around here soon because I'm already going through withdrawals.
  6. I was at the SF show tonight and you guys were great. Fantastic stuff and I'm anxiously awaiting the new album. Please release some limited vinyl for us fans. I was mesmerized by your watch the whole show. Can you tell me about it? Was it an heirloom? Or mark a special occasion? Looked like a Day-Date. I wasn't close enough to the stage to make it out. -watchgeek
  7. Cjpj1981

    Radish on Spotify

    Hi @Ben Any news on how it's going getting the back catalogue into spotify? Cheers Chris
  8. madcoweater

    West Coast Tour Leg

    Planning to be at the Seattle show! Really excited for it.
  9. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Anyone else catching a West Coast date? I'll be at SF!
  10. Dyl

    Dallas show and new merch

    So jelly you got a chance to go to the show. Can't wait to see all the dope new merch, and more importantly hear some sweet new tunes!
  11. Hey yall, was at the show last night in Dallas and man it rocked. Opening act modern love child was really good and played for about half a hour and ben played for about a hour and half. played an awesome mix of old and new. I want to say maybe 5 or 6 new songs? Also I believe the guy in modern love child wrote some of them with ben? 3 or 4 of them are definite tunes. It was an awesome vibe in the show everyone singing along to the songs and the band with ben rocks aswell. Also the new merch they have the shows is awesome. The hoodies are nice but I picked up a few of the t-shirts and pins. Get that stuff on the online store Ben!
  12. Love it! Very crunchy production. Reminds me a bit of Stephen Malkmus which is no faint praise.
  13. SO SO SOLID. I love the fuzzed out riff in the chorus and ALL THOSE HARMONIES. The "come to your senses" hook is off the chain. Plus @philipI'm with you. That drumfill filled me with delight.
  14. Christopher

    New Song "Heart Attack Kid" Out February 8!

    I just heard it on Spotify and it's rad. I'm super excited for the album.
  15. I just heard it on Spotify. What do you all think? I think it is solid. I especially love the drum fill at 2:37.
  16. Dyl

    The Family Tree Sessions

    You're the best @Xanthein!
  17. Xanthein

    The Family Tree Sessions

    No probs I uploaded this too -
  18. Xanthein

    Really digging these new tracks!

    Really looking forward to new stuff!
  19. Dyl

    Headlining Tour!!!

    Also, for a sneakpeak of the set (with some songs we haven't even heard yet) I just screenshotted this from Ben's instagram story
  20. Dyl

    Headlining Tour!!!

    @Ben bud, we need west coast dates! You're killing me!
  21. Dyl

    Radish vinyl reissues

    I know Noise Company is trying to be more up on their social presence, so this gives me hope!
  22. I too am excited.
  23. Just found this video. Pretty cool taste of the Sha Sha recording "experience." Thanks to @Xanthein for the upload!
  24. According to this, the music video will be released on the 11th. https://youtu.be/C7lnNCAM6rk
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