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    Only A Day I See Stars I am loving these new songs. Only A Day's big chorus has been stuck with me since my first listen. Absolute banger! I was actually going to attend this show but it ended up not working out... I was totally kicking myself for that when these videos surfaced ha ha.
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    hey @tgreene83! hey @frederic-fugen! thanks for the Bens interest... well, first of all, we never really disbanded. we were just never able to get the 3 of us in the same room after Australia! but don't worry! we're all still great friends, just very busy with various projects. i still hold out hope for future Bens music. you just never know... as for the history of the band, on monday i am beginning a new blog series called Best Friends. where each week, i put a spotlight on a creator, band or brand that has influenced or shaped me in some way. i will be sure to do one on the Bens in the coming weeks!!! in case you're wondering who I'm featuring on the premier issue this monday: the band Ash.
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    1) Favorite Ben Kweller song? "Thirteen" - this was kindof a breakthrough song for me in that it doesnt even have a chorus yet still feels like a pop song. its pure emotion and love. i wrote verse after verse, each verse was scrawled on its own sheet of paper. i put all the pieces of paper on the floor of the recording studio (The Magic Shop, NYC) and started organizing the verses - putting them in the final order that you all know today. 2) Favorite member of the Beatles? John - that scream! 3) Favorite Electric Light Orchestra song? "Telephone Line" - that chorus! 4) Pinkerton or Blue Album? Pinkerton - i saw them on the Pinkerton tour!!!! i was at the front of the barricade which we totally pushed over. then i was up against the stage, right in front of Matt Sharp. i could touch his foot i was so close. he was wearing white velcro shoes. best concert i ever saw as a teenager... this is the show! I'm somewhere up there in the front!!! 5) West Coast or East Coast rap? East Coast before 1990, West Coast after 1990. 6) Favorite Ninja Turtle? Michelangelo - for me it's all about the nunchucks!
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    That Mason Jennings cover though. Dammmmmmmmmmmn
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    OHHHHH SNAPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! hahaha! you done found some new jamzzzzzz hehehehe. glad you like. wait til you hear the recordings. they're gonna be SICK!
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    Best Friends is a new blog series where i'll goes in depth and shine the spotlight on people, artists, bands and brands that have shaped and inspired me. This week i'm talking about the rock band Ash! check it out peeps and let me know what you think. xoBK https://benkweller.com/blogs/bk/tim-wheeler-and-the-band-ash
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    Still get chills... "I'll be your glove, I'll be your scarf, I'll be the cross that covers your heart. But I don't want you to get tired of me honey, after such a good start."
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    Man, I had an Australian radio promo copy of Sha Sha on vinyl 7 or so years ago. I sold it (and most of my other records) before I proposed to my now wife. Needed some extra money to make life work out. I regret not hanging on to that thing!! Discount Fireworks is the bomb. That early Commerce TX, along with the Silent Night in Wasted and Ready are the stuff of dreams. I also love Here is Not Dissonant and Panamanian Girl a lot. I'll be thrilled if it sees a legit release some day.
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    Acoustic guitar, although he slays on the pianer. Saw Ben play solo in Savannah, Georgia in a theatre. He went back and forth between Piano and acoustic guitar...brought the house down. One of the coolest concerts I’ve ever been to. Ben, you remember that one? We were all in assigned seats and at the end you were just like “everyone come up front.” Badass.
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    Crazy thing about that pinkerton tour. That was my first concert ever, my bro and I met mykel and carli in line going into the concert. They tracked us down at the show and got us backstage (crazy moment) i ripped a poster off the wall and they signed it, still have it framed.....Nerf Herder poster still stuck to it
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    They are all so great! I started listening to Sha Sha when I was in middle school and one of my best friends moved away. I was so sad about this but this album totally helped me out! I remember loving the line I’m maxed out like a credit card! This album also inspired me to learn to play guitar and I got one the following Christmas. So thanks for that! On my Way reminds me of driving around in the desert in Phoenix when I was in high school. I blasted that one in my 1999 Nissan Altima and I actually crashed it while listening to your tunes in Tucson because I was so into it. No harm was done though! Then I studied abroad in college in England and will always associate the Ben Kweller album with sitting on a train going through England and watching the green through the window. It really was over hills and over dales! And then when I got married my husband and I danced to Thirteen. Changing horses, I was working a brand new pediatric nurse at children’s national medical center in Washington DC and was STRESSED AS SHIT. My job was so stressful but your music helped me cope with the stress of my job. Now I am a psychiatric nurse working with depressed teens in Berkeley, CA and every now and then I get to bust out a little guitar and get to teach these young kids about Ben Kweller. It usually makes them smile. You kick so much ass! Your music motivates and inspires me still. THANK YOU!!!!
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    thanks @BeachBoyNick!!!! i'm glad to have a place we can call home out here on the internet super highway that isn't run by Facebook, Google or Twitter!
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    well first of all @Dyl .... YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!! not only are you the first person other than me and my web dudez to post a comment on the new message board, but i love your in depth analysis of my entire discography. EPIC. yes they are babies... your babies too. we love them all. haha hashtag Harry Nielsen!!! OG version of "Walk On Me"???? yer a true Kwellerhead through and through...
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    I have so much love every single album, it feels insane to choose! I voted Sha Sha, because it has been the soundtrack to my life and heart for so many years, but I feel like I’m turning my back on all the other beautiful babies Some of My Fav Highlights on Every Other Album: Freak Out its- That OG Version of Walk On Me is engrained as a part of me On My Way- The RIGHTEOUS pre chorus into the hook in I Need You Back The *feels* in My Apartment
 Ben Kweller- Let’s be clear, this is an empirically perfect album, so it’s difficult to pick any singular moment— the flow, the songs, everything. It forever reminds me of summertime bike rides and being madly in love The structure of Run The pure love of Sundress The euphoria in “OF SOMETHING GOOD, OF SOMETHING GREAT” in Penny on a Train track Changing Horses- Sawdust Man sounds like it could be a Harry Nielsen song. That jangly piano, the song structure…it’s all brilliant. Go Fly A Kite— Jealous Girl’s perfect pop melody THOSE HARMONIES IN GOSSIP. I’ll never get over them. Thanks for all the years of rad jams, Kwells. It’s so wonderful to see you back in the world again
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    Info will go here as soon as we know more. Maybe Ben can share some interesting info here as well if we are lucky. Can’t wait for more info!
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    Imma go with piano, mostly because that means there's a chance I could learn to play it.
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    They'll cover the album "The Bends" by Radiohead
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    Ben Howard and Ben Harper and Ben Jovi will join the Bens in 2019.
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    Hey Ben and BK fans, I'm long time super-fan, discovered Kweller after my High School teacher slid me Ben Lee's "Grandpaw Would" album for a listen, many moons ago. One Ben lead to another...(already being a fan of Ben Folds Five, saw them open for Beck on his epic Odelay tour). Anyway, I'd like to know more fun small facts about the formation (and disbanding) of The Bens in 2003, especially the song Bruised and what that was like to lyrically compose and record. Though I'm quite current with all Lee and Kweller's discography (pulling away slightly from Lee-- Ayahuasca album I couldn't dig into...) The Bens EP is something super special, especially when I look back on their work as individuals. Bruised is a track that has stuck with me and I'm still listening to it...almost 15 years later. Ben -- Do dish!! Another other die-hard "Benners" in the house? Tiffany
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    wow, great question. thanks for asking. Lizzy and i both have some good advice here but it should probably be a blog post. haha! let me collect my thoughts and get back to you... in a nutshell: Communication
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    Please release it in a high quality format Ben Thanks!
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    Seriously!!! I still talk about that gig today!!! SCAD is such a cool school and Savanna such a cool town.... I LOVED that sho and so glad an attendee is on this forum. So I’m not the only one keeping the memory of that night alive !!!
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    Yes! My husband Mikol and I, here. Old school Kweller fans for sure! But, I'm distracted and also laughing pretty hard over the guy who chose 'lickthepuss' as his/her username. Nice! In all awesome seriousness, just had our 2nd kiddo last week. Stuck at thtr house breast/ cluster-feeding. Trying to avoid the flu...And reminiscing about days of youth while listening to BK tunes and netflix'ing! You're one of our staples! Thank you!
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    Oldhat, try: Derek and the dominoes (Clapton) "Little wing" live at fillmore... each time, so great... be carefull: you may stop to play guitar after hearing that song ! And the summum: Little Wing - Allman Brothers Band with Eric Clapton (2009).... pfhhhh !!!!!
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    My two favorite BK songs are on On My Way, but Ben Kweller is usually the album I queue up first, and it's the album I use to introduce you to people that need some feelgood music in their lives. Believer has some of my favorite lyrics coupled with that sweet, sweet melody, and it's the first song of yours that I immediately had to grab my axe and learn. I really dig the diminishing drumbeat in Down, not forgetting the balls-to-the-wall section near the end. Power! I have personally given Red Eye my best many, many times on a late night drive.
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    Tough choice for sure, I’m going for BK album, such a great feel to the album. love the others too though...😎
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    One time I saw Ben in Little Rock -- my first MONTH of college back in '07. Last time he was in the area I believe. It was my (ex now) girlfriend's birthday, and I ran into him after the show. I asked if he'd call and tell her happy birthday (he was her fav). I still remember him saying "hey, happy birthday girlfriend!" She was PISSED the next morning. "Why did you wake me up at 1 AM?!" She was much more pissed when she realized she was half asleep and talking to Ben Kweller on the phone without even realizing it.
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    My favorite BK memory was the first time I met him. It was back in 2003. I was a student at Lehigh University. I was friends with the on-campus events coordinator at the school, and I was also friends with the manager of the local radio station. I was able to convince the two of them to work together to bring Ben Kweller and Nada Surf to Lehigh. They played a tiny concert on campus for like 250 people. Before the concert, BK played a couple acoustic songs (Commerce, TX and The Biggest Flower) on our local radio station and did a radio interview. It was fantastic. BK and I played catch with a rubberband ball during the interview. I still have the ball. At the concert, I heard "Debbie Don't Worry Doll" for the first time. He also did a song about stepping in bubblegum, which I have never hear since.
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    did you guys enjoy this blog post??? anybody here who hadn't heard of Ash before they read this episode of Best Friends?
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    Ben, Have you watched the documentary on the Avett Brothers? Fay and I loved it. Thought of you writing about influences in music. Great footage on how they write songs together. https://www.hbo.com/documentaries/may-it-last-a-portrait-of-the-avett-brothers Russ
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    1) Favorite Ben Kweller song? No Reason. I can't resist when Ben sings about himself in the third person as "BK" 2) Favorite member of the Beatles? Paul. Those bass lines 3) Favorite Electric Light Orchestra song? Do Ya. I'm a huge KISS fan, and Ace Frehley covered this song 4) Pinkerton or Blue Album? Blue Album. I would have no opinion on this till a few years ago when some friends of mine asked me to join a Weezer tribute band called Weezhur (I'm the drummer). We've learned almost all of the Blue Album, and I like all of the songs. As I was really studying and dissecting the songs to learn them, I had an epiphany...HOLY SHIT, Kweller was REALLY influenced by Weezer!! Some of the Discount Fireworks stuff especially. When I was struggling to find the motivation to learn some of the songs, I told myself I was learning unreleased Radish songs, and it was more fun! haha 5) West Coast or East Coast rap? I honestly don't have an opinion, but I'll go with West Coast because Tupac introduced KISS at the Grammys in 1996. 6) Favorite Ninja Turtle? Again, no opinion, but I'll go Michaelangelo because he was voiced by Robbie Rist in the movie, who was not only Cousin Oliver in The Brady Bunch but voiced Whiz in the mid-80s cartoon Kidd Video.
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    @OldHat Thanks for starting this tread! Was surprised by "Changing Horses" when I first listened to it, but really enjoyed it. Love "Gypsy Rose" and "Ballad of Wendy Baker". I remember when I bought the album, it came with a little signed poster; thought that was awesome. Immediately hung it up, front and center in my dorm room.
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    Great question! I'll go with piano. Really dig all of Ben's piano-based songs. The piano/sound seems to help define the song; have it stand out; make it unique. Nothin' much better in life than listening to In Other Words ...
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    I would love to see more Al Hammond Jr. and Ben. The cover of wait on the 40 year reunion album shows what Harrison but wasn't given in recording. Love to hear more stuff like that sort of or hear more written stuff of your guys own.
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    Ben, not sure if you typically share inspiration behind songs, but will you share the story behind 'I Miss You'? Was it a new song or was it something from the archives? The song took a completely different meaning for me in Spring 2012 when I lost my mom to cancer.
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    I'm one of those weirdos that still has their .edu address from 2005 active Ben, first saw you on PBS (Austin City Limits) in the early 2000s. Caught an acoustic show at Lawrence University in 2006 and rocked out at the High Noon Saloon in Madison in 2012. Hope to see you in Wisconsin again sometime (although perhaps not in winter!)
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    I am going to fail this test 1.) Lizzy has a special place in my heart 2.) Definitely Paul... He is the most prolific Beatle (30+ albums), and I love even the junk he puts out. Wings rivals the Beatles at points for me. But, I think an argument could easily be made for George. He didn't put out as much, especially as a Beatle, but when he released something, you knew it was going to blow your socks off. 3.) I don't really know much ELO... so I'll say "Heading for the Light" by the Wilburys 4.) Pinkerton... Blue is near perfect, but Pinkerton was life changing. 5.) West Coast is best coast 6.) Wasn't a fan of the turtles!
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    I want to sleep under a pool table! Haha. At least you like BK...that’s all that matters here.
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    BK finding his country voice is still my fav. I have all of them and Sha Sha definitely has a deep place in my heart, but there is something about hearing someone who doesn't identify as a "country" artist, to interpret those songs in their way (I.e, Karl Blaugh, Teddy Thompson, BK , etc) that is just so magical.
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    Hey! -Not hate..Just a negative association? Ha. (Staying up too late as a child. Sleeping under pool tables? Doesn't sound too bad if I were back in college, though!) & I guess it doesn't have so much to do with the hair. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll give it another listen. -Nat SN: But, I have to be honest...I am one of those douche'aroos that would choose 10 other albums before putting on the Beatles. O_o
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    Your favorite Beatle is George but you hate ELO? Jeff Lynne produced and co-wrote some Beatle solo stuff, as well as Tom Petty and Roy Orbison tunes. George was a huge fan. I urge you to listen to “A New World Record”...36 minute commitment...you will become a fan like John, George, Ringo, and Paul were...bad hair and all!
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    I feel pretty lonely saying Changing Horses is my favorite. Sha Sha was life-changing when I first heard it. It came to me about the same time as Neutral Milk Hotel, Weezer, Ben Folds and Sufjan Stevens... It opened up a world outside of the top 40 radio. The S/T brought me back to those feelings. And my girlfriend at the time was really into On My Way (joyous High School memories!). But Changing Horses was absolutely amazing. I remember sitting in a car with friends and reading the liner notes. Something about Ben growing up in Texas (?) and being raised on country music. You can't escape your roots sometimes. Yadda yadda. I'm from Arkansas, so I can relate. My grandma took me to school every morning from 3rd to 7th grade and we'd listen to Merle, George, Conway and all the other classic "real country." Hearing Changing Horses was a revelation though. It was a blend of that "indie" music that I had come to listen to, with what I grew up on. It was a statement to me that I didn't have to be ashamed of the country music I grew up on. Not to mention the fact that it was REALLY great. Time for me to pull out CH and give it another spin! It's been too long.
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    1) Favorite Ben Kweller song? Family Tree, no question. 2) Favorite member of the Beatles? I want to say George, but I know it’s Paul. 3) Favorite Electric Light Orchestra song? Livin’ Thing, pure swagger. 4) Pinkerton or Blue Album? Maladroit. Just kidding, Blue Album. 5) West Coast or East Coast rap? East coast rap, West coast living. 6) Favorite Ninja Turtle? The one who used the daggers.
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    Yep. So thankful to have met them..so sad that they passed away not too long after that. Very nice people and they gave me a cool moment i will never forget
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    He has to get the repress of Sha Sha Done first!
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    Totally with you! Ben Kweller is generally my intro-album. I spent several years working in a cute boutique in Ohio where I was often in charge of making the playlists. I snuck in a LOT of Kweller jams, but especially tracks off self-titled. I would just WATCH the customers get happier when they’d hear Run or I’ve Gotta Move or any of those sunshiney tracks— and would often get asked what would playing.
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    Hey BK, been a fan since she sha, good to have you back around!