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    I was just on the Record Store Day site and couldn't help but notice that 1200 copies of Sha Sha are going to be released on white vinyl. This is great news seeing that an original is sooo hard to come by and if you do happen to find one on Ebay, the price is ridiculously high. Awesome!!!
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    @BenI second the Denver vote! I'm pretty partial to The Gothic Theater. It's a great old theater that has a pretty killer balcony. Kind of reminds me of a more intimate Avalon (L.A.) - it's a little more rundown though haha. Seriously, it would be so rad if you came to Denver.
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    @shashashadont @bigbagofnothing @Will83 @OldHat @Jonny_Rotten @Little_sister_shoots i love you people. maybe i should just route my next tour around your suggested cities! we could have meet ups before each show!!? • LET ME KNOW WHERE YOU'RE FROM • YOU'R FAVORITE VENUE IN TOWN • HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU THINK YOU CAN RECRUIT TO ATTEND THE SHOW AND MEETUP
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