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    @Christopher I'm so glad someone on here got one!
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    Add me to the Weezer list. Still remember the first time I heard Undone on Clickradio. Shortly after, green came out and rocked my 7th grade world. Wasn’t too long before I was downloading maladroit demos and posting on Weezernation. It’s there that I learned about Beulah, Neutral Milk, Sufjan Stevens, Ben Folds and our boy Ben Kweller. A band has never disappointed me more, but had likewise never given me such a high. I don’t know where they stand anymore, but I used to say they were part of my “holy trinity:” The Beatles, Weezer and Dr. Dog. Add The Kinks, Bob Dylan and Father John Misty to That list nowadays, but that’s Still the bedrock for everything that came after
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    My first love was Weezer. The Blue Album came out when I was 12. A friend from school gave me a copy on cassette. And I listened to it non-stop. I would say the only reason why I bought a CD player was because I knew my mother was getting me Pinkerton for my 14th birthday. So yeah, The Blue Album and Pinkerton were my first two CDs. Restraining Bolt by Radish was third.
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