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    The rendition of Wendy that Ben sang on the radio is my hands down favorite BK song ever. (The version that goes: I feel sick today I don't feel like me Someone took your smile away Like a fortune cookie And no one loves till it's gone.) I used to sing this song to my baby sister like a lullaby, and later I sang it to my son. If I had to choose only 5 songs it would be really difficult, but... Let's say my top 5 for now would be: Wendy Family Tree Debbie Don't Worry Doll Walk On Me Gossip
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    I feel like I'm insulting the rest of the catalog to choose 5, but in no particular order... Walk on Me Falling Penny on the Train Track Run Thirteen But I feel like I'm leaving out so many of my favorite jams–Gossip deserves its place in the top song spotlight! Sundress! Hospital Bed! Living Life! Five is so hard to narrow in such stellar company.
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