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    @rp27 im working on it!!!
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    Starz!!!!!! So glad you like this jam. indeed it is not out yet, but it will be coming out in the next few months as is the whole freakin album!!!!!!
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    nice list! they are all babies of mine so it's hard to pick my fave. i also like them for different reasons - like, some i'm really proud of the songwriting, some i'm proud of the energy, or the way a lyrics came together, or the feel... Sometimes it's a sick solo that someone else played that totally made the song 1,000x better (see Kitt Kitterman and Mike Stroud!). it's heard to say. As a general rule, I know I would definitely put "Thirteen" in the top 5. Probably also "Full Circle" and "Penny on the Train Track". Would be a tough tie between "Falling" and "In Other Words".... But then there's songs like "The Rules" and "Down".... i might have to make a list of favorite Ballads and a list of favorite rockerz.... hmmmmmmm. 🤔 ❤️
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    Ladies & Gents, Christmas has come early as Radish music is out - Restraining Bolt is ready to stream and buy, finally
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    Man, @Ben it'd be cool to get some Discount Fireworks to hold us over during these dark times.
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    The rendition of Wendy that Ben sang on the radio is my hands down favorite BK song ever. (The version that goes: I feel sick today I don't feel like me Someone took your smile away Like a fortune cookie And no one loves till it's gone.) I used to sing this song to my baby sister like a lullaby, and later I sang it to my son. If I had to choose only 5 songs it would be really difficult, but... Let's say my top 5 for now would be: Wendy Family Tree Debbie Don't Worry Doll Walk On Me Gossip
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    I feel like I'm insulting the rest of the catalog to choose 5, but in no particular order... Walk on Me Falling Penny on the Train Track Run Thirteen But I feel like I'm leaving out so many of my favorite jams–Gossip deserves its place in the top song spotlight! Sundress! Hospital Bed! Living Life! Five is so hard to narrow in such stellar company.
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    Hi Ben, just wondering if your going to release your radish albums onto spotify and apple music, you still have a following of radish
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    Ben how did you write "Apparition of Purity" as a teenager?? I could barely tie my shoes
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    Ladies and gents, Starz has been released and after all the hype of this song over the last few years, i must say it does not dissapoint, quickly becoming one of my favourite Kweller songs. Its on streaming now and a reminder that Radish's first album 'Restraining Bolt' is also out on streaming platforms https://open.spotify.com/album/6gOhGq1SiCeyysnGXisvCA https://music.apple.com/us/album/starz-single/1504243684 https://open.spotify.com/artist/6cLlK80e14zGQyq84eENDv
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    Went to BK's show on Sunday and took some video. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/OI2ukkDaG7I
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    I really enjoyed this. Thanks for recording and uploading.
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    Now we just need the Holy Grail, Discount Fireworks. So cool to finally have Restraining Bolt streaming. Would totes by some Radish vinyl if that ever happened.
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    I'll be damned...it sure is!!
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    New to all this but big Ben Kweller Fan and just like to see if there are any hidden gems amongst his discography, and see what songs are the die-hard BK fans favourites. My favourite is Homeward Bound, its simple yet beautiful and so soulful. What love to know what this is about and it really helps me over grieving and heartbreak. love it love it love it. Would also love to hear what everyone else has to say about this song becasue I think its his best overall 2. Lizzy 3. Thirteen 4. Sawdust Man 5. Full Circle
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    I have to revise my answer, to add "Stars" If you haven't heard it yet... You will, in time.
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    Stoked that hubby found my 2010 BK shirt! Now I can wear it tonight!!
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    i mean, people have commented on it, but know one has inquired about the deeper meanings...
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    That Bens EP was my high school jam! I still get that Bruised piano part stuck in my head all the time.
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    Hey Ben and BK fans, I'm long time super-fan, discovered Kweller after my High School teacher slid me Ben Lee's "Grandpaw Would" album for a listen, many moons ago. One Ben lead to another...(already being a fan of Ben Folds Five, saw them open for Beck on his epic Odelay tour). Anyway, I'd like to know more fun small facts about the formation (and disbanding) of The Bens in 2003, especially the song Bruised and what that was like to lyrically compose and record. Though I'm quite current with all Lee and Kweller's discography (pulling away slightly from Lee-- Ayahuasca album I couldn't dig into...) The Bens EP is something super special, especially when I look back on their work as individuals. Bruised is a track that has stuck with me and I'm still listening to it...almost 15 years later. Ben -- Do dish!! Another other die-hard "Benners" in the house? Tiffany
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    Thread to talk about why you love the most underrated of the albums. p.s. - October of this year will mark the last time we ever heard from Catfish. Will he ever make another album???
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    I’m starting a rumor that Changing Horses 2 is in the works so Catfish will have to come out of hiding.
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    I’m shocked no one ever asked before!
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    Was cleaning out some old hard drives and found some great pictures and videos. Way way back when Ben opened for Dashboard Confessional. The second pic I always get a laugh from with Ben in-line to his own merch. Return to Seattle and was able to film the whole show. I still have the mini DV tape someplace. Another Seattle show. Opening for Pete Yorn Always great seeing you perform brother! Shocked it has been 16 years!
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    Walk On Me On My Way Run I Gotta Move Homeward Bound Out The Door Now that you mention it... that is a lot of movement.
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    haha! no one's ever asked... i feel like it represents my musical quirkiness. i wanted something very simple, but something that explained how i was different from everyone else. it also has a double meaning of feet walking. i'm always trying to move forward...
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    I haven't brought my DSLR to a show (not willing to risk that!), but here's the best pic from both shows I've been to. Lawrence University, May 14 2006 High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI: March 27 2012
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    They are all so great! I started listening to Sha Sha when I was in middle school and one of my best friends moved away. I was so sad about this but this album totally helped me out! I remember loving the line I’m maxed out like a credit card! This album also inspired me to learn to play guitar and I got one the following Christmas. So thanks for that! On my Way reminds me of driving around in the desert in Phoenix when I was in high school. I blasted that one in my 1999 Nissan Altima and I actually crashed it while listening to your tunes in Tucson because I was so into it. No harm was done though! Then I studied abroad in college in England and will always associate the Ben Kweller album with sitting on a train going through England and watching the green through the window. It really was over hills and over dales! And then when I got married my husband and I danced to Thirteen. Changing horses, I was working a brand new pediatric nurse at children’s national medical center in Washington DC and was STRESSED AS SHIT. My job was so stressful but your music helped me cope with the stress of my job. Now I am a psychiatric nurse working with depressed teens in Berkeley, CA and every now and then I get to bust out a little guitar and get to teach these young kids about Ben Kweller. It usually makes them smile. You kick so much ass! Your music motivates and inspires me still. THANK YOU!!!!
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