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    @rp27 im working on it!!!
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    Only A Day I See Stars I am loving these new songs. Only A Day's big chorus has been stuck with me since my first listen. Absolute banger! I was actually going to attend this show but it ended up not working out... I was totally kicking myself for that when these videos surfaced ha ha.
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    haha! no one's ever asked... i feel like it represents my musical quirkiness. i wanted something very simple, but something that explained how i was different from everyone else. it also has a double meaning of feet walking. i'm always trying to move forward...
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    @shashashadont @bigbagofnothing @Will83 @OldHat @Jonny_Rotten @Little_sister_shoots i love you people. maybe i should just route my next tour around your suggested cities! we could have meet ups before each show!!? • LET ME KNOW WHERE YOU'RE FROM • YOU'R FAVORITE VENUE IN TOWN • HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU THINK YOU CAN RECRUIT TO ATTEND THE SHOW AND MEETUP
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    Starz!!!!!! So glad you like this jam. indeed it is not out yet, but it will be coming out in the next few months as is the whole freakin album!!!!!!
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    nice list! they are all babies of mine so it's hard to pick my fave. i also like them for different reasons - like, some i'm really proud of the songwriting, some i'm proud of the energy, or the way a lyrics came together, or the feel... Sometimes it's a sick solo that someone else played that totally made the song 1,000x better (see Kitt Kitterman and Mike Stroud!). it's heard to say. As a general rule, I know I would definitely put "Thirteen" in the top 5. Probably also "Full Circle" and "Penny on the Train Track". Would be a tough tie between "Falling" and "In Other Words".... But then there's songs like "The Rules" and "Down".... i might have to make a list of favorite Ballads and a list of favorite rockerz.... hmmmmmmm. 🤔 ❤️
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    Isn't this nice to have an open forum to a rock star? You can ask him anything, even if it seems way over the top and/or impossible! Here goes: Hey Ben. My request is simple. There's maybe 30 of us here? Half that are kind of active, the other half are dormant. So, what I'm asking isn't too out there. What I would like is a copy of the Sha Sha RSD release on white vinyl. NOT FOR FREE obv. I'm sure the group would agree: We are hard working people who pay bills and are willing to shell out a few shekels for, what amounts to, the BK Holy Grail. I mean, I sometimes see this album on Discogs for 300,000 yen! (hey, siri, what's 300,000 yen in US dollars? $2,844!) There are 1200 copies of this album that will most assuredly fall into the hands of the greedy Discogs/Ebay seller who won't buy it for the love of music. Not to mention RSD has become kind of a cluster. I visit two local record stores that do things completely different and it's tough to get out there with 50 other people, 75% of whom are these resellers. They aren't buying it because it makes them feel feelings that they felt when they were 23 and taking road trips and partying with friends. They are buying it so they can have more money for their next sale. I understand if the answer is no. Some of these things are out of your control, and I get that. But mull it over, my friend. You are a special type of rock star. The type that personalizes orders from your website. I bought Go Fly A Kite in your store and you sent old backstage passes and stickers and a note with it! WHO DOES THAT? Thanks for hearing me out. You don't know I'm here me ouuuuut. Signed, Matt
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    Walk On Me On My Way Run I Gotta Move Homeward Bound Out The Door Now that you mention it... that is a lot of movement.
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    hey @tgreene83! hey @frederic-fugen! thanks for the Bens interest... well, first of all, we never really disbanded. we were just never able to get the 3 of us in the same room after Australia! but don't worry! we're all still great friends, just very busy with various projects. i still hold out hope for future Bens music. you just never know... as for the history of the band, on monday i am beginning a new blog series called Best Friends. where each week, i put a spotlight on a creator, band or brand that has influenced or shaped me in some way. i will be sure to do one on the Bens in the coming weeks!!! in case you're wondering who I'm featuring on the premier issue this monday: the band Ash.
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    They are all so great! I started listening to Sha Sha when I was in middle school and one of my best friends moved away. I was so sad about this but this album totally helped me out! I remember loving the line I’m maxed out like a credit card! This album also inspired me to learn to play guitar and I got one the following Christmas. So thanks for that! On my Way reminds me of driving around in the desert in Phoenix when I was in high school. I blasted that one in my 1999 Nissan Altima and I actually crashed it while listening to your tunes in Tucson because I was so into it. No harm was done though! Then I studied abroad in college in England and will always associate the Ben Kweller album with sitting on a train going through England and watching the green through the window. It really was over hills and over dales! And then when I got married my husband and I danced to Thirteen. Changing horses, I was working a brand new pediatric nurse at children’s national medical center in Washington DC and was STRESSED AS SHIT. My job was so stressful but your music helped me cope with the stress of my job. Now I am a psychiatric nurse working with depressed teens in Berkeley, CA and every now and then I get to bust out a little guitar and get to teach these young kids about Ben Kweller. It usually makes them smile. You kick so much ass! Your music motivates and inspires me still. THANK YOU!!!!
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    1) Favorite Ben Kweller song? "Thirteen" - this was kindof a breakthrough song for me in that it doesnt even have a chorus yet still feels like a pop song. its pure emotion and love. i wrote verse after verse, each verse was scrawled on its own sheet of paper. i put all the pieces of paper on the floor of the recording studio (The Magic Shop, NYC) and started organizing the verses - putting them in the final order that you all know today. 2) Favorite member of the Beatles? John - that scream! 3) Favorite Electric Light Orchestra song? "Telephone Line" - that chorus! 4) Pinkerton or Blue Album? Pinkerton - i saw them on the Pinkerton tour!!!! i was at the front of the barricade which we totally pushed over. then i was up against the stage, right in front of Matt Sharp. i could touch his foot i was so close. he was wearing white velcro shoes. best concert i ever saw as a teenager... this is the show! I'm somewhere up there in the front!!! 5) West Coast or East Coast rap? East Coast before 1990, West Coast after 1990. 6) Favorite Ninja Turtle? Michelangelo - for me it's all about the nunchucks!
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    That Mason Jennings cover though. Dammmmmmmmmmmn
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    OHHHHH SNAPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! hahaha! you done found some new jamzzzzzz hehehehe. glad you like. wait til you hear the recordings. they're gonna be SICK!
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    Hey Ben and BK fans, I'm long time super-fan, discovered Kweller after my High School teacher slid me Ben Lee's "Grandpaw Would" album for a listen, many moons ago. One Ben lead to another...(already being a fan of Ben Folds Five, saw them open for Beck on his epic Odelay tour). Anyway, I'd like to know more fun small facts about the formation (and disbanding) of The Bens in 2003, especially the song Bruised and what that was like to lyrically compose and record. Though I'm quite current with all Lee and Kweller's discography (pulling away slightly from Lee-- Ayahuasca album I couldn't dig into...) The Bens EP is something super special, especially when I look back on their work as individuals. Bruised is a track that has stuck with me and I'm still listening to it...almost 15 years later. Ben -- Do dish!! Another other die-hard "Benners" in the house? Tiffany
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    I’m starting a rumor that Changing Horses 2 is in the works so Catfish will have to come out of hiding.
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    Was cleaning out some old hard drives and found some great pictures and videos. Way way back when Ben opened for Dashboard Confessional. The second pic I always get a laugh from with Ben in-line to his own merch. Return to Seattle and was able to film the whole show. I still have the mini DV tape someplace. Another Seattle show. Opening for Pete Yorn Always great seeing you perform brother! Shocked it has been 16 years!
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    Help! by the Beatles ?
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    Meet the Deedles...featuring Radish!
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    My first love was Weezer. The Blue Album came out when I was 12. A friend from school gave me a copy on cassette. And I listened to it non-stop. I would say the only reason why I bought a CD player was because I knew my mother was getting me Pinkerton for my 14th birthday. So yeah, The Blue Album and Pinkerton were my first two CDs. Restraining Bolt by Radish was third.
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    Word! OG teamster here! Y'all had the year wrong when you handmade my membership card... it's '79, not '72... slow your roll! Excited to see and hear what the future holds. Great to hear from you Ben!
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    yes!!!! hoping to release Discount Fireworx this year. 20 years after its originally scheduled date. hahaha
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    Best Friends is a new blog series where i'll goes in depth and shine the spotlight on people, artists, bands and brands that have shaped and inspired me. This week i'm talking about the rock band Ash! check it out peeps and let me know what you think. xoBK https://benkweller.com/blogs/bk/tim-wheeler-and-the-band-ash
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    I’m still into the new Lees of Memory album. @Ben did you ever get to meet John Davis, former Superdrag lead singer, who is now with the Lees? https://theleesofmemory.bandcamp.com/
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    I agree on CH’s album art. I have always wanted a Changing Horses 2 with red album art and a similar motif. Ben’s voice sounds so good over country tunes...although it sounds good over all kinds of tunes.
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    Still get chills... "I'll be your glove, I'll be your scarf, I'll be the cross that covers your heart. But I don't want you to get tired of me honey, after such a good start."
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    Man, I had an Australian radio promo copy of Sha Sha on vinyl 7 or so years ago. I sold it (and most of my other records) before I proposed to my now wife. Needed some extra money to make life work out. I regret not hanging on to that thing!! Discount Fireworks is the bomb. That early Commerce TX, along with the Silent Night in Wasted and Ready are the stuff of dreams. I also love Here is Not Dissonant and Panamanian Girl a lot. I'll be thrilled if it sees a legit release some day.
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    Acoustic guitar, although he slays on the pianer. Saw Ben play solo in Savannah, Georgia in a theatre. He went back and forth between Piano and acoustic guitar...brought the house down. One of the coolest concerts I’ve ever been to. Ben, you remember that one? We were all in assigned seats and at the end you were just like “everyone come up front.” Badass.
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    Crazy thing about that pinkerton tour. That was my first concert ever, my bro and I met mykel and carli in line going into the concert. They tracked us down at the show and got us backstage (crazy moment) i ripped a poster off the wall and they signed it, still have it framed.....Nerf Herder poster still stuck to it
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    thanks @BeachBoyNick!!!! i'm glad to have a place we can call home out here on the internet super highway that isn't run by Facebook, Google or Twitter!
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    well first of all @Dyl .... YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!! not only are you the first person other than me and my web dudez to post a comment on the new message board, but i love your in depth analysis of my entire discography. EPIC. yes they are babies... your babies too. we love them all. haha hashtag Harry Nielsen!!! OG version of "Walk On Me"???? yer a true Kwellerhead through and through...
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    I have so much love every single album, it feels insane to choose! I voted Sha Sha, because it has been the soundtrack to my life and heart for so many years, but I feel like I’m turning my back on all the other beautiful babies Some of My Fav Highlights on Every Other Album: Freak Out its- That OG Version of Walk On Me is engrained as a part of me On My Way- The RIGHTEOUS pre chorus into the hook in I Need You Back The *feels* in My Apartment
 Ben Kweller- Let’s be clear, this is an empirically perfect album, so it’s difficult to pick any singular moment— the flow, the songs, everything. It forever reminds me of summertime bike rides and being madly in love The structure of Run The pure love of Sundress The euphoria in “OF SOMETHING GOOD, OF SOMETHING GREAT” in Penny on a Train track Changing Horses- Sawdust Man sounds like it could be a Harry Nielsen song. That jangly piano, the song structure…it’s all brilliant. Go Fly A Kite— Jealous Girl’s perfect pop melody THOSE HARMONIES IN GOSSIP. I’ll never get over them. Thanks for all the years of rad jams, Kwells. It’s so wonderful to see you back in the world again
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    The rendition of Wendy that Ben sang on the radio is my hands down favorite BK song ever. (The version that goes: I feel sick today I don't feel like me Someone took your smile away Like a fortune cookie And no one loves till it's gone.) I used to sing this song to my baby sister like a lullaby, and later I sang it to my son. If I had to choose only 5 songs it would be really difficult, but... Let's say my top 5 for now would be: Wendy Family Tree Debbie Don't Worry Doll Walk On Me Gossip
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    I feel like I'm insulting the rest of the catalog to choose 5, but in no particular order... Walk on Me Falling Penny on the Train Track Run Thirteen But I feel like I'm leaving out so many of my favorite jams–Gossip deserves its place in the top song spotlight! Sundress! Hospital Bed! Living Life! Five is so hard to narrow in such stellar company.
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    Hi Ben, just wondering if your going to release your radish albums onto spotify and apple music, you still have a following of radish
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    No probs I uploaded this too -
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    Hey y'all! sorry I was away for awhile. I've been working on so much stuff. prepping new album for 2019. NoiseCo has a ton of cool stuff lined up as well. We have 3 new artists on the roster... Modern Love Child, Amy Cook, and The Get You. Some of you may remember the Fred Eltringham, drummer of all Sha Sha tours and drummer on half the On My Way recordings. He can be seen in the "Wasted & Ready" video. Well, The Get You is Fred's new cover band. Their album comes out this Friday. I'll post a link on here once it's available. I sing on one of the songs, as does Sheryl Crow and Kacey Musgraves. Amy Cook, you'll know from the Austin scene and maybe from our collabo, "Getting To You". She's one of my favorite singers evah... Her new album kicks major ass and will be released in a few months. Modern Love Child is a brand new artist from Venice, Cali. His real name is Jonny Shane and he's raaaaad. All he has at the moment is an Instagram account. I'll keep you posted on this cool musik. xo
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    @jfra duuuuude! I forgot about that!!!!!! i think that was an original but I'll have to ask JK! I'll get him to chime in!
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    Agreed Retreat from the Sun is one of my favorites. I think it was the 11th CD I ever bought.
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    Great question my man. My musical awakening or opening was around 3 years ago. I had a playlist of "pop" songs that actually aren't bad still today like I'm Yours by Jason Mraz or Brian Fennell (musician now of Barcelona) and others. I found this song called Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T's and fell in love. It's pretty poppy to me now, but it still has a spot in my heart. It's the sound I wanted to replicate for my own stuff at the time. With that sound, my dad suggested listening to a song called Lizzy which we all know by BK himself. Instead of me going to listen to it, my dad had to play it for me. I fell even more in love. The guys voice was amazing. I pulled out the rest of Sha Sha and fell in love w songs such as Walk On Me and Falling and Wasted and Ready and basically the whole album (the entire album is on my bk playlist). This got me to buy all the rest of his albums. Then I got into artists such as Todd Snider with the album "Songs For The Daily Planet" and Bob Dylan with "Blonde on Blonde" and The Beatles with "The Beatles" or The White Album. It changed my music (I play guitar now). It changed my lyrics that I write a WHOLE lot. And it changed how I live life thinking and making my own philosophies from other artists for better more rounded actions. It changed my life and I can thank the owner of this site for that. Thanks BK!
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    Please release it in a high quality format Ben Thanks!
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    Too many to pick just one, but I'll tell you what random thing I do maybe a couple of times a month that makes me think of @Ben is how to make yourself sneeze if you feel one coming on but can't. We were following Radish around for what ended up being their final 2 shows May of 1999. Hanging out in the hotel parking lot (in Austin, I believe) just chatting, and I can't remember if I had to sneeze, or my friend, or if Ben did, but somehow he graced me with the knowledge to look at the sun or a bright light if the sneeze isn't coming, and somehow it makes it happen. So I've been doing that ever since, and it works like a charm! In the same hotel parking lot chat, I first heard Ben's nickname for AirTran Airways was ScareTran, which my buddy Jack and I still laugh about.
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    My best memory was back on June 7, 2002. @Ben was in town (Rochester, NY) for a show and he stopped by our local independent radio station for a mid-day on-air interview. I was constantly hanging around the studio at that point in my life so I watched the whole thing from the hallway. Later that night before the show I ran into Ben and asked if he had anyone to do lights for the show. He didn't, so I volunteered (even though I'd never done it at that venue before). I knew the owner and he let me up to the light booth and goddamn I have to say I did one hell of a good job! I do have a very specific memory of Ben telling me after the show that it was the best lights they'd had all tour because usually the person behind the board isn't familiar with the music, but I knew every song inside-out so I was able to nail the changes. Good times! I had recorded the radio interview and I just recently uploaded it to YouTube. It includes live acoustic performances of Walk On Me and Falling. Enjoy!
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    Info will go here as soon as we know more. Maybe Ben can share some interesting info here as well if we are lucky. Can’t wait for more info!
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    They'll cover the album "The Bends" by Radiohead
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    wow, great question. thanks for asking. Lizzy and i both have some good advice here but it should probably be a blog post. haha! let me collect my thoughts and get back to you... in a nutshell: Communication
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    Seriously!!! I still talk about that gig today!!! SCAD is such a cool school and Savanna such a cool town.... I LOVED that sho and so glad an attendee is on this forum. So I’m not the only one keeping the memory of that night alive !!!
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