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    haha! no one's ever asked... i feel like it represents my musical quirkiness. i wanted something very simple, but something that explained how i was different from everyone else. it also has a double meaning of feet walking. i'm always trying to move forward...
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    @shashashadont @bigbagofnothing @Will83 @OldHat @Jonny_Rotten @Little_sister_shoots i love you people. maybe i should just route my next tour around your suggested cities! we could have meet ups before each show!!? • LET ME KNOW WHERE YOU'RE FROM • YOU'R FAVORITE VENUE IN TOWN • HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU THINK YOU CAN RECRUIT TO ATTEND THE SHOW AND MEETUP
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    Isn't this nice to have an open forum to a rock star? You can ask him anything, even if it seems way over the top and/or impossible! Here goes: Hey Ben. My request is simple. There's maybe 30 of us here? Half that are kind of active, the other half are dormant. So, what I'm asking isn't too out there. What I would like is a copy of the Sha Sha RSD release on white vinyl. NOT FOR FREE obv. I'm sure the group would agree: We are hard working people who pay bills and are willing to shell out a few shekels for, what amounts to, the BK Holy Grail. I mean, I sometimes see this album on Discogs for 300,000 yen! (hey, siri, what's 300,000 yen in US dollars? $2,844!) There are 1200 copies of this album that will most assuredly fall into the hands of the greedy Discogs/Ebay seller who won't buy it for the love of music. Not to mention RSD has become kind of a cluster. I visit two local record stores that do things completely different and it's tough to get out there with 50 other people, 75% of whom are these resellers. They aren't buying it because it makes them feel feelings that they felt when they were 23 and taking road trips and partying with friends. They are buying it so they can have more money for their next sale. I understand if the answer is no. Some of these things are out of your control, and I get that. But mull it over, my friend. You are a special type of rock star. The type that personalizes orders from your website. I bought Go Fly A Kite in your store and you sent old backstage passes and stickers and a note with it! WHO DOES THAT? Thanks for hearing me out. You don't know I'm here me ouuuuut. Signed, Matt
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    My first love was Weezer. The Blue Album came out when I was 12. A friend from school gave me a copy on cassette. And I listened to it non-stop. I would say the only reason why I bought a CD player was because I knew my mother was getting me Pinkerton for my 14th birthday. So yeah, The Blue Album and Pinkerton were my first two CDs. Restraining Bolt by Radish was third.
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    Walk On Me On My Way Run I Gotta Move Homeward Bound Out The Door Now that you mention it... that is a lot of movement.
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    Word! OG teamster here! Y'all had the year wrong when you handmade my membership card... it's '79, not '72... slow your roll! Excited to see and hear what the future holds. Great to hear from you Ben!
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    yes!!!! hoping to release Discount Fireworx this year. 20 years after its originally scheduled date. hahaha
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    I’m still into the new Lees of Memory album. @Ben did you ever get to meet John Davis, former Superdrag lead singer, who is now with the Lees? https://theleesofmemory.bandcamp.com/
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    Hi all fellow BKers Just wondering for those in the know (here's looking at you Ben) whether BK would ever consider playing any of his albums in their entirety? While this seems to be a trend of late, it is a great opportunity for the long-time fans of an artist to hear those songs that don't often get a public airing (and that they would love to hear). (Sorry to rehash but I also just have to say how great it is to have this forum and regular updates from BK back - here's hoping for a world tour soon! )
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    Happy Monday!!!!! Best Friends episode 3 is up!!!!! this week....... GUSTERRRR!
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    I've also been listening to a bit of Twang Twang Shock-a-boom and Davíd Garza, another Texas musician. Davíd's album "This Euphoria" is definitely worth checking out. He also appeared on Rhett Miller's album "The Instigator." Out of curiosity... @Ben, have you ever met Davíd Garza?
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    Too many to pick just one, but I'll tell you what random thing I do maybe a couple of times a month that makes me think of @Ben is how to make yourself sneeze if you feel one coming on but can't. We were following Radish around for what ended up being their final 2 shows May of 1999. Hanging out in the hotel parking lot (in Austin, I believe) just chatting, and I can't remember if I had to sneeze, or my friend, or if Ben did, but somehow he graced me with the knowledge to look at the sun or a bright light if the sneeze isn't coming, and somehow it makes it happen. So I've been doing that ever since, and it works like a charm! In the same hotel parking lot chat, I first heard Ben's nickname for AirTran Airways was ScareTran, which my buddy Jack and I still laugh about.
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    My best memory was back on June 7, 2002. @Ben was in town (Rochester, NY) for a show and he stopped by our local independent radio station for a mid-day on-air interview. I was constantly hanging around the studio at that point in my life so I watched the whole thing from the hallway. Later that night before the show I ran into Ben and asked if he had anyone to do lights for the show. He didn't, so I volunteered (even though I'd never done it at that venue before). I knew the owner and he let me up to the light booth and goddamn I have to say I did one hell of a good job! I do have a very specific memory of Ben telling me after the show that it was the best lights they'd had all tour because usually the person behind the board isn't familiar with the music, but I knew every song inside-out so I was able to nail the changes. Good times! I had recorded the radio interview and I just recently uploaded it to YouTube. It includes live acoustic performances of Walk On Me and Falling. Enjoy!
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    I agree on CH’s album art. I have always wanted a Changing Horses 2 with red album art and a similar motif. Ben’s voice sounds so good over country tunes...although it sounds good over all kinds of tunes.
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    Thanks @Dyl and @Seth !!!! I guess I'll have to dig a little deeper on my old school tracks next time. It's also crazy that this version was basically the earliest version of Lizzy if it came from Freak Out! and Melange. I guess I just really like the crispness of this version. Thanks again!
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    Here you go @Denverick -- no youtube required 07. Lizzy.mp3
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    Got this off eBay a few days ago since I didn't see that it was on YouTube. It's pretty rad. What's the story behind it, @Ben? I'm gonna a guess it was a promo either sent to radio stations or more likely to indie record stores.
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    those are 2 fun songs to play!!!! dang, hard to think of 2 that are as fun! hahaha. i have a new song called "Starz" that is reeeeelly fun to play. has a super cool low string riff. look out for the recording later this year.
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    Episode 2 is live! since i've been binging on the 2018 Winter Olympics i figured that i had to make this episode all about Shaun. check iiiit ouuuuut! xoxoBK https://benkweller.com/blogs/bk/shaunwhite
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    Come on man, I can't make a decision like this! no solution
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    Alright ben and others of course a few questions 1. what are some of your favorite bob Dylan songs (i don't think any of us could name just one)? 2. What is your favorite lyrical song by ben and favorite instrumental song by ben? 3. Whats the best guitar solo of all time? 4. Where is pop music heading? 1. Gates Of Eden. Sooner Or Later. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall. Lily,Rosemary and The Jack Of Hearts, and Hurricane. 2. Either different but the same, thirteen, things I like to do, my apartment, or wantin' her again 3.Another brink in the wall or Hotel California 4. Either back to the 60s music or to music with no lyrics or instruments oh wait... p.s. Ben. Thanks for making this. Love getting more personal with my favorite artist. Being 16, not many of my friends have the opportunity to talk to their idols. I got that picture framed in by basement now btw.
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    It's super rare that there are new bands that I like. I'm all about KISS and 80s metal (Motley Crue, Def Leppard, etc.). In the late 90s I was a DJ on the "alternative" station here in Houston, 107.5 The Buzz. I got into silverchair. Then one of my fellow DJs came back from hosting one of our Wednesday Night Concert Series shows at Urban Art Bar (tickets were $1.07 for these shows), and she's like "Jarod, you're going to like this band" (knowing that I was a silverchair fan), and gave me the Dear Aunt Arctica single from Radish. I did like it! And it turned out for the Wednesday night concert the next week, there was a cancellation, so they invited Radish back. I made sure I was the DJ "host" for that show. I saw the show, talked to Ben, his dad, and the rest of the band, and have been a fan ever since. Over the years I met other Radish fans, and my buddy Jack and I would drive to Dallas to see shows since they didn't make it down our way that often. One time a band named Bowling For Soup was opening up for Radish at a place called The Door. We were standing outside chatting, and I was like, hey let's go check out this opening band for a bit (not thinking I'd like them, because I don't like any new bands except silverchair and Radish). Well Bowling For Soup blew us the fuck away! So I like 3 "new" bands. And it pretty much stayed that way till 2013 when I happened to see this local Houston band called Waterparks opening for someone else I was going to see. They kind of had that pop-punk thing going on, but the songs weren't all that catchy. Just OK. But they were good enough (and funny enough) that I started following them on Twitter. They put out a few really good quality videos for a local band. Fast forward 2015...Waterparks had signed to a record label and were being managed by the Madden brothers from Good Charlotte. They released an EP, and it was light years ahead of their previous stuff. Well-produced and every song had a hook and were great. They put out two full-length albums after that, and both are perfect as well. I can't for the life of me turn any of my friends on to this band. They can't get past that the songs sound so "pop". I'm surprised I like it too, but they're catchy as fuck. And once I read the lyrics along while listening to the songs, I knew the lyrics are genius as well. tl;dr WATERPARKS
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    ok! give me a sec to form my opinions on said topics. haha!
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