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  1. philip

    Visiting Austin

    Best Barbecue: https://franklinbbq.com/ Be ready to wait in line for hours.
  2. philip


    I have probably a half dozen items autographed by BK. My favorite is my Family Tree poster hanging in my home.
  3. I just heard it on Spotify. What do you all think? I think it is solid. I especially love the drum fill at 2:37.
  4. I too am excited.
  5. philip

    Really digging these new tracks!

    I am pretty sure it is from the Ghost Whisperer. BK talks about that clip in this interview: http://thedwarf.com.au/interview/ben-kweller-trucks-prostitutes-and-ghost-whisperer
  6. philip

    Really digging these new tracks!

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I love that Jennifer Love Hewitt clip towards the end.
  7. philip

    Please follow THE GET YOU

    @Ben Listening to "Stick by Me" right now.
  8. philip

    Please follow THE GET YOU

    LIKED! I look forward to checking them out. Will his album be on Spotify?
  9. philip

    Board Games

    +1 to 7 Wonders. Great game. Catan is kind of meh IMO.
  10. philip

    Board Games

    @Christopher You should definitely get Ticket to Ride. It really is a great game. So much better than Monopoly and Sorry.
  11. philip

    Board Games

    Last week, BK posted a video on Instagram of him buying Ticket to Ride at Target. Anyone else a board game fan? I used to really being into the Boadgamegeek.com world. Not so much anymore. But I still love a good game of Ticket to Ride.
  12. philip

    NEW BK IN 2019

  13. philip

    Favorite Soundtracks

    Agreed Retreat from the Sun is one of my favorites. I think it was the 11th CD I ever bought.
  14. philip

    Favorite Soundtracks

    Have you listened to Letters to Cleo or That Dog? Those were pretty popular 90s female rock bands (at least in my circles). Kay Hanley (the singer for Letters to Cleo) is the voice for Josie on the soundtrack, and Anna Waronker (the singer for That Dog) wrote some of the songs on the soundtrack.