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  1. Haha word! Glad to hear it's coming back!! Rest assured the spreadsheet got made... it was just to the sound of the dude across from me enjoying his cheetos.
  2. I was sitting in the library today and thought I'd quietly jam out while I worked on some dumb spreadsheet, but much to my terror when I opened Spotify, Go Fly A Kite was nowhere to be found! Is this just a temporary thing? I dearly hope so.
  3. I was thinking about this over the weekend and if you came through Denver it would be cool to see you play in a more intimate venue like the Walnut Room. You gotta keep Denver on the list Ben!
  4. Oh man, I LOOOOOOVE Guster. This was a really great piece on them and you and what it's really like growing as an artists - how unplanned and real it is. Really personal and real. You don't read stuff like this in magazines from a first person perspective and it makes it SOOOO much better to see how life actually works out - not linear in any way. Thanks for doing this every Monday. I've really enjoyed reading them. Keep it up!!
  5. Thanks @Dyl and @Seth !!!! I guess I'll have to dig a little deeper on my old school tracks next time. It's also crazy that this version was basically the earliest version of Lizzy if it came from Freak Out! and Melange. I guess I just really like the crispness of this version. Thanks again!
  6. @BenI second the Denver vote! I'm pretty partial to The Gothic Theater. It's a great old theater that has a pretty killer balcony. Kind of reminds me of a more intimate Avalon (L.A.) - it's a little more rundown though haha. Seriously, it would be so rad if you came to Denver.
  7. I was watching this video yesterday and at 4:34 it starts playing a version of Lizzy that I've never heard and I love the production! It's super crisp and clean and kind of hauntingly sways. It's really great. Anyone know where this came from? I'd like to find the audio file so I can listen to it outside of YouTube haha.
  8. Also, anybody listen to The Wild Feathers? Right off the bat when I started listening to Anybody it reminded me of them. I've always dug their music as well.
  9. Yeah, this was great! I hadn't heard of Ash but listened to them today and really enjoyed it a lot! Keep it up man!
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