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  1. Norfolk, VA! Favorite venue in the area is the Norva, but I'm always willing to travel to my real fave venues, the Haw River Ballroom in Saxapahaw, NC or the Jefferson in Charlottesville, VA.
  2. I saw BK play a show at The Camel in Richmond, VA back in November 2010. I have a vague memory that the show was being recorded live and you could buy it on CD after the show. Did anyone here ever purchase one from a show they went to? I regret not buying it all the time! It was a really great show. I remember a fan asking him to play an old song, something like Tylenol maybe, and he couldn't quite remember. He listened to it on the fans iPod to try to figure it out. Pretty fun to be a part of!
  3. While I'll never forget hearing Sundress for the first time on myspace and becoming an instant fan, I can't help but say Changing Horses is my favorite. That record blew my mind. It was the country/folk BK album I never knew I needed. It also probably has my favorite album art of all the records (Go Fly A Kite's diorama is a close second).
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