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  1. I’m starting a rumor that Changing Horses 2 is in the works so Catfish will have to come out of hiding.
  2. Catan Ticket to Ride 7 Wonders
  3. You need to listen to Head Trip In Every Key, which is in my top 5 records of the 90s.
  4. Why I stayed home. Sucks man. ATO needs to come to Jesus and release more. I don’t need clear vinyl or splatter or anything fancy...just a plain old record.
  5. Same. I had blue on cd though. That was the first album where I didn’t just listen to the singles. I remember sitting, listening to Only in Dreams with headphones on and being completely amazed at the build up and break down. I was hooked from then on. I taped El Scorcho off the radio and listened to it over and over. Got the mom to drive me in her van to pick it up from Best Buy. The old weezer boards introduced me to BK.
  6. I called and they said they have no way of knowing if they’ll get it AND it’s first come, first served. He said they will try to order it but they still get shipped what they get shipped. Booooooo. I will get my hands on it one way or another.
  7. I’m just a grumpy old 30-something who is over the RSD stuff. I support it but have been burned by it too much. I’ll wait and see what happens. I’m hoping Ben is waiting until the RSD versions are purchased to announce a standard release.
  8. I was a little negative above. I’ve been to RSD a few times and never walked away with what I wanted. I think RSD is great for record stores so I don’t want to seem like a jerk. I just hope a wider, online release happens so all of us can get it without having to go online and buy from the goons who go to RSD for the purpose of marking up and selling online.
  9. Oh great! I can stand in line for a couple hours to be told they didn’t get any copies or they sold the 2 they received. Then the people who actually did get copies can sell them online for $200.
  10. Second your opinion @BrianS. Look forward to these every Monday.
  11. I want to hear!!!!!! Ben, can we have a late X-Mas gift?
  12. I’m still into the new Lees of Memory album. @Ben did you ever get to meet John Davis, former Superdrag lead singer, who is now with the Lees? https://theleesofmemory.bandcamp.com/
  13. Looking forward to more of these posts. Heard of Ash but never given them a fair shake. Which of their albums is the best front to back? I’ll give it a listen at work tomorrow.
  14. I agree on CH’s album art. I have always wanted a Changing Horses 2 with red album art and a similar motif. Ben’s voice sounds so good over country tunes...although it sounds good over all kinds of tunes.
  15. Info will go here as soon as we know more. Maybe Ben can share some interesting info here as well if we are lucky. Can’t wait for more info!
  16. So he exists?! Will he ever make another album?
  17. Thread to talk about why you love the most underrated of the albums. p.s. - October of this year will mark the last time we ever heard from Catfish. Will he ever make another album???
  18. Ben Howard and Ben Harper and Ben Jovi will join the Bens in 2019.
  19. I want to sleep under a pool table! Haha. At least you like BK...that’s all that matters here.
  20. One of my favorite records on vinyl that I own. That was a great pressing. I’m gonna go pull that out now...perfect for a rainy day.
  21. Your favorite Beatle is George but you hate ELO? Jeff Lynne produced and co-wrote some Beatle solo stuff, as well as Tom Petty and Roy Orbison tunes. George was a huge fan. I urge you to listen to “A New World Record”...36 minute commitment...you will become a fan like John, George, Ringo, and Paul were...bad hair and all!
  22. Acoustic guitar, although he slays on the pianer. Saw Ben play solo in Savannah, Georgia in a theatre. He went back and forth between Piano and acoustic guitar...brought the house down. One of the coolest concerts I’ve ever been to. Ben, you remember that one? We were all in assigned seats and at the end you were just like “everyone come up front.” Badass.
  23. He has to get the repress of Sha Sha Done first!
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