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  1. 2 hours ago, Fluxcapacitor said:

    1) Favorite Ben Kweller song? In other words - Oh man, all is there: harmonies, rhythm changes, words (in other or not ;), and the last part: pause and then, so cosmic ! - after several listenings, I paid attention to the banjo/mandoline: luminous !    When the song is finished, I put it again, definitly one of the song I'll bring with me on an island !....   "it starts stopping when it stops stopping"

    2) Favorite member of the Beatles?  The beatles, better stronger together !  

    3) Favorite Electric Light Orchestra song?  I Don't know that band very well ... sorry... :$

    4) Pinkerton or Blue Album? I've missed Weezer... It was my full britpop period !   :)

    5) West Coast or East Coast rap? The question is :   Is there texan rap ?? 



    ELO is probably the most underrated band of all time.  Jeff Lynne (ELO lead singer and songwriter) was the fifth member of the Travelling Wilburys (Supergroup with George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, and Bob Dylan).  Such good rock!  Listen to these songs to get hooked:

    Telephone Line

    Mr Blue Sky

    Sweet Talkin Woman

    Can’t Get It Out Of My Head

    Livin’ Thing


    Then just listen to all of their albums...their catalogue is deep, and all the records are solid.

  2. 1)  Goin to Acapulco

    2) Lyrical - Old Hat (haha), Musical - Thirteen (love the harmonica)

    3) Duane Allman handing the solo over to Dickey Betts for the last time - Blue Sky by Allman Brothers

    4) mumblier rap :(

  3. 41 minutes ago, Ben said:

    1) Favorite Ben Kweller song? "Thirteen" - this was kindof a breakthrough song for me in that it doesnt even have a chorus yet still feels like a pop song. its pure emotion and love. i wrote verse after verse, each verse was scrawled on its own sheet of paper. i put all the pieces of paper on the floor of the recording studio (The Magic Shop, NYC) and started organizing the verses - putting them in the final order that you all know today.

    2) Favorite member of the Beatles? John - that scream!

    3) Favorite Electric Light Orchestra song? "Telephone Line" - that chorus! 

    4) Pinkerton or Blue Album? Pinkerton - i saw them on the Pinkerton tour!!!! i was at the front of the barricade which we totally pushed over. then i was up against the stage, right in front of Matt Sharp. i could touch his foot i was so close. he was wearing white velcro shoes. best concert i ever saw as a teenager... this is the show! I'm somewhere up there in the front!!!  :)

    5) West Coast or East Coast rap? East Coast before 1990, West Coast after 1990.

    6) Favorite Ninja Turtle? Michelangelo - for me it's all about the nunchucks! 


    Man, awesome insight on Thirteen.  And didn’t know you were a Weezer fan!

  4. This is tough because the first full length album has marinated in our mind holes for longer.  That shit is tender and you don’t even need a knife to cut into it.  Love all of them though.

    Here are my rankings (best first):

    sha sha

    Ben Kweller

    On My Way

    Go Fly A Kite

    Changing Horses


    Even though it’s last, I have a soft spot for Changing Horses.  A great batch of tracks.  Ben needs to do a sequel to that one.  I know he has more country kicking around up there waiting to get loose


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  5. Forums are back!  These 8 questions are proven to define what kind of human you are.  Ben, you have to answer too.

    1) Favorite Ben Kweller song?

    2) Favorite member of the Beatles?

    3) Favorite Electric Light Orchestra song?

    4) Pinkerton or Blue Album?

    5) West Coast or East Coast rap?

    6) Favorite Ninja Turtle?


    Nothing Happening




    West Coast




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