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  1. Walk On Me On My Way Run I Gotta Move Homeward Bound Out The Door Now that you mention it... that is a lot of movement.
  2. Rochester, NY. It's been a while (2010!), but you still have a large and devoted fan base here thanks to all the support you've received from WBER through the years. The Bug Jar is a smaller venue that you would certainly sell out. Tiny, dirty, and loud, if that's what you're looking for. Flour City Station is larger and you could easily fill it up. Medium-size, clean, and good sound. Photo City Improv is also a medium-sized place that's newer and nice. The nice thing about stopping in Rochester is it's smack-dab between Buffalo/Syracuse/Ithaca, so it's a good central spot to draw fans from all of western NY.
  3. My best memory was back on June 7, 2002. @Ben was in town (Rochester, NY) for a show and he stopped by our local independent radio station for a mid-day on-air interview. I was constantly hanging around the studio at that point in my life so I watched the whole thing from the hallway. Later that night before the show I ran into Ben and asked if he had anyone to do lights for the show. He didn't, so I volunteered (even though I'd never done it at that venue before). I knew the owner and he let me up to the light booth and goddamn I have to say I did one hell of a good job! I do have a very specific memory of Ben telling me after the show that it was the best lights they'd had all tour because usually the person behind the board isn't familiar with the music, but I knew every song inside-out so I was able to nail the changes. Good times! I had recorded the radio interview and I just recently uploaded it to YouTube. It includes live acoustic performances of Walk On Me and Falling. Enjoy!
  4. Word! OG teamster here! Y'all had the year wrong when you handmade my membership card... it's '79, not '72... slow your roll! Excited to see and hear what the future holds. Great to hear from you Ben!
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