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  1. Sitting at a Granite City in Indianapolis, Indiana at 96th and Meridian (north of Indy), and Jealous Girl just came on the radio. What a great song man. Good music video too (Great acting by the great ben Kweller as well). I then explained to my father that the song is about a girl killing her boyfriend and he goes "Oh jeez...doesn't match the tune!" He still enjoyed it though. Thought I'd share on the best holiday of the year! Hope everyone's Halloween is swell.

  2. The Last Of The Steam Powered Train-The Kinks

    Simple As This-Jake Bugg

    I Spoke As A Child-Todd Snider

    Listen Joe-Golden Smog

    Married With Children-Oasis

    Sam Stone-John Prone

    Just Like Tom Thumb Blues-Bob Dylan


    newer stuff I've found even though it was all released before I was born except Jake Bugg

  3. Inside Llewyn Davis which is about a preDylan folk singer trying to make it in the 60s which includes a cast of Oscar Issac (the pilot in the new Star Wars), Adam Driver (Kyle Ren in Star Wars), John Goodman, and Justin Timberlake. Also the movie Rudderless which stars Billy Crudup (Almost Famous), William H. Macy, Selena Gomez, Laurence Fishburn, and some artist named Ben Kweller if you know who he is. Highly recommended movie.

  4. Great question my man. My musical awakening or opening was around 3 years ago. I had a playlist of "pop" songs that actually aren't bad still today like I'm Yours by Jason Mraz or Brian Fennell (musician now of Barcelona) and others. I found this song called Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T's and fell in love. It's pretty poppy to me now, but it still has a spot in my heart. It's the sound I wanted to replicate for my own stuff at the time. With that sound, my dad suggested listening to a song called Lizzy which we all know by BK himself. Instead of me going to listen to it, my dad had to play it for me. I fell even more in love. The guys voice was amazing. I pulled out the rest of Sha Sha and fell in love w songs such as Walk On Me and Falling and Wasted and Ready and basically the whole album (the entire album is on my bk playlist). This got me to buy all the rest of his albums. Then I got into artists such as Todd Snider with the album "Songs For The Daily Planet" and Bob Dylan with "Blonde on Blonde" and The Beatles with "The Beatles" or The White Album. It changed my music (I play guitar now). It changed my lyrics that I write a WHOLE lot. And it changed how I live life thinking and making my own philosophies from other artists for better more rounded actions. It changed my life and I can thank the owner of this site for that. Thanks BK!

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  5. My favorite bk memory is only one. Sent a message to him via Instagram and he responded. One of the best days of my life. Had to get out of class and like calm down. I was like what!? That's crazy! Had now inspired me to write songs play guitar etc. Amd eventually inspired me to now be in the process of recording and hoping to send to "The Noise Company" or release an EP similar to Freak Out It's BK. Copyrighting in the process and finalizing as well so fingers crossed everyone!

  6. 2 hours ago, Ben said:

    Ah.... Special Occasions.... this was an EPK before EPK's were a thing. for those of you that aren't entertainment biz nerds, EPK stands for Electronic Press Kit. If i remember correctly, there is some really cool footage in there. it's actually on my list of things to post to my youtube channel. thanks for reminding me!!!!


    Please dude! That would be so good!!!!

  7. Go to town everyone. I personally like all of it, but I'd probably choose mellow. I love it all, but there are some days where I'm sitting on my porch and Mean To Me doesn't sit the scene. Still love it all.

    which do you like more? Mellow or Rocky Ben? 


    P.S. I'd make this a poll, but I don't know how. Any help?

  8. I remember listening to ch after only knowing sha sha around two years ago(once again sixteen) but I remember hearing it and honestly rejecting it. I thought it was different and wrong, sort of the way dylan went electric, but now I listen back, and songs like sawdust man, wantin her again, things I like to do, and ballad of Wendy baker gave me the feel of: it's okay to have a little country of folk or any genre to you. Don't be restrained to the type of music you listen to or write because it's still vintage bk and bk is awesome! I love the album now I probably should mention that as well (the slide in Fight is awesome). Thanks for the album BK

  9. This is a hard but very good question. For instance, songs as early as commerce, tx have a place in my heart, but songs you think are piano are (in my opinion) better live like Nothing Happening. There's very bad footage of you playing Nothing Happening during the Horses tour. You forgot the words and being the innocent guy you are, turned around and asked a guy behind you the words! Still really good version. Anyways, I would have to go piano just because it fits the voice that ben has slightly better. Although I'll take Out The Door and On My Way (two very different songs) any day as well. Good question man!

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  10. Alright ben and others of course a few questions


    1. what are some of your favorite bob Dylan songs (i don't think any of us could name just one)?

    2. What is your favorite lyrical song by ben and favorite instrumental song by ben?

    3. Whats the best guitar solo of all time?

    4. Where is pop music heading?


    1. Gates Of Eden. Sooner Or Later. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall. Lily,Rosemary and The Jack Of Hearts, and Hurricane.

    2. Either different but the same, thirteen, things I like to do, my apartment, or wantin' her again

    3.Another brink in the wall or Hotel California

    4. Either back to the 60s music or to music with no lyrics or instruments oh wait...


    p.s. Ben. Thanks for making this. Love getting more personal with my favorite artist. Being 16, not many of my friends have the opportunity to talk to their idols. I got that picture framed in by basement now btw.

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