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  1. I got a guitar a few years ago, an acoustic-electric, not very musically gifted but I have some fun with it. I can play the intro to Sundress.. uhh.. the middle of Full Circle with the woo woo woo.. and uhmm.. Oh My Way.. real simple chords in that one, great for beginners. The songbook in Go Fly A Kite vinyl was awesome.. please do another songbook for the next record.. heck do one of all the 'classics'!!
  2. mikey

    BK 2018 Tour

    Seconding Dallas.. heck I'll go as far as Abilene, OKC, Shreveport and Austin for a show!
  3. mikey

    Share your pictures and videos of Ben

    I hope it's cool to bump an old thread, I haven't been able to catch BK live in awhile, the last two shows I was able to go to was in Greenville as a charity show and the music under the stars in ATX. There was one I had tix for in FW at shipping and receiving but severe weather kept me from going. I found some pictures I took on my old film camera from music under the stars.. need to go digging on my dropbox for older stuff! sha sha!