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  1. I have many memories... My favorite is seeing BK as passenger in his gray Volvo 240 on the highway after a show he did at UCONN in CT. I remember trying to get in front of the Volvo so he'd notice my sweet BK bumper sticker. Lol. My friend Mai came up to CT to go to the show with me, and little did we both know that she'd shortly soon after be going on tour with him as the official merch lady. Hehe. Sweet sweet mammaries
  2. He's done this! I was able to check out one of the three shows he put on at the Southpaw in Brooklyn a bajillion years ago. One night was for Sha Sha, one for his self-titled and, another for On My Way. Wish I could remember which one I nabbed a chance to go to... Probably the second to last time I got to see BK live.
  3. I'll come see BK anywhere between Boston and NYC, though I'm based in CT. It's been so long, I'd love to see BK again!
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