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  1. Xanthein

    The Family Tree Sessions

    No probs I uploaded this too -
  2. Xanthein

    Really digging these new tracks!

    Really looking forward to new stuff!
  3. Xanthein

    Radish vinyl reissues

    Would be nice wouldn't it? Hopefully we might get a proper Discount Fireworks release (not sure about what formats)
  4. Xanthein

    What are you listening to?

    A Welsh band the Joy Formidable. Saw them recently in Cardiff and they were awesome. The support Bryde was surprisingly good.
  5. Xanthein

    The New BK vid

    An interesting vid. Lovely dog, fantastic large barn - larger than my house lol. Air horns gave me one hell of a jump. I know the spelling is different, but are you aware of Quella bikes Ben?
  6. Xanthein

    OFFICIAL: My new album has a name....

    Looking forward to it :)