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  1. All, My family has entered a new era. After one divorce in the course of 50 years that my grandfather can remember, we have had another a few years ago and another possibly pending. My Brother. He's heartbroken, and so am I. I loved "Sha Sha" back when it came out. When I first talked to my brother about his situation, I had multiple songs from that commercial album in stuck in my head for weeks. They seem to hit the same notes of pain and hurt that he is feeling. But, Ben was so young when that album was recorded. Does anyone know what motivated those songs during the writing phase? Are there old articles or forum posts that I haven't found yet? Sha Sha, Walk on Me, Family Tree, and others are all stuck in my head. Any insight on the circumstances that motivated the writing of those songs (actually, more of them)? One thing I remember from a few scientific publications is that people who listen to sad songs are generally happier. I believed it then because I liked alt-country and Kweller songs at the time I read it. How does this study's findings relate to people going through unwanted life changes. How does "Walk on Me" translate to a guy that is in late 30s with a wife that wants to end it regardless of the kids and such? Frank
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