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  1. sum of my earliest music I listened to was back in the early 90s wen I was around 11 years old n they would be Definitly Maybe by Oasis , Nevermind by Nirvana , Black Sunday by Cypress Hill , Blunted On Reality by The Fugees n Live Through This by Hole
  2. do u happen to have a burned copy of caddo mate as if I cant own a physical copy id at least love to hear it
  3. I really have no idea mate but id really like to know on both caddo mills and discount fireworks as if theyre are physical copies out theyre ill keep on searching …….I was a massive Radish fan back in the 90s and recently started to collect vinyl which has made look into theyre back catalogue n see what I can get and was a bit disappointed restraing bolt never got a vinyl release but sum years ago I did manage to source original cds of hello and dizzy so at least I have them as I hear theyre pretty rare now
  4. I have the original cds of hello and dizzy but id personally love restraining bolt and even discount fireworks on vinyl
  5. I don't listen to a lot of new music anymore but a couple of bands I like atm are Skating Polly from the US and Hands Off Gretal from the UK
  6. This would be cool as fuck
  7. OK so this is my 1st time posting in a forum so excuse me if I don't get it quite right but Im after sum the the rare and earlr radish n Ben Kweller releases and I was just wondering if sum of them even exist and for the 1st that do do any of you know how rare they are. Basically im after Melange and Bromeo both early Ben Kweller releases I know both of these exist but would like to know if they were limited edition n if so how many copies of each and also Caddo Mills To Beverley Hills and Discount Fireworks both by Radish ...do physical copies of these 2 exist and if so how many of each n does aby1 know where I can buy them ?
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