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  1. JediSLP

    Where do I find “Starz”?

    Hip hip hooray! Thanks, Ben!
  2. JediSLP

    Where do I find “Starz”?

    I guess I should always go with my gut then! I’ll check and see if it’s been released yet. Thanks!!
  3. JediSLP

    Top 5 Ben Kweller Songs

    I don’t think I’ve heard Debbie Don’t Worry Doll!
  4. JediSLP

    Where do I find “Starz”?

    Thanks! I did find a YouTube video of BK singing it from 2016 I believe. I’ll keep an eye out for it! It’s been driving me bonkers looking for it. I can’t get the song out of my head!
  5. JediSLP

    Where do I find “Starz”?

    OK so I’m late to the game. The song is “I See Stars”. It’s not new. It was just played after HAK and Careless. I think I can find it now. Hopefully. Baha!
  6. Help! Heard Starz for the first time a couple days ago and I don’t know where to find it for download! Anyone have it? It’s a follow-up to Heart Attack Kid and Careless. THANKS!!
  7. JediSLP


    AND SCORED MY FIRST EVER SET-LIST! BK, one hell of a show you guys put on tonight! It was worth the 9 year wait!!!
  8. JediSLP


    Finally seeing BK again after 9 long years of waiting!!
  9. Stoked that hubby found my 2010 BK shirt! Now I can wear it tonight!!
  10. JediSLP

    Top 5 Ben Kweller Songs

    Dang. I had a reply all typed out and POOF it disappeared! Anyway, can’t listen to Homeward Bound. I cry every...single...time. Top 5 faces for me would be Believer, Free, Wasted & Ready, Nothing Happening, and Different But the Same. These aren’t necessarily in order but they do start every BK playlist. If I rounded up to a top 10, I’d include Thirteen, Fight, Commerce TX, My Apartment, and The Rainbow. Can’t wait to see BK 11/9 in DC! It’s been about 12 years for me since I’ve since Kweller at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC. Way too long!! Sha Sha.
  11. Yep. I think I have that EP on every playlist-Driving, Chillin’, Sleeping....
  12. JediSLP

    New Single-Careless!!

    Can’t wait for more!
  13. JediSLP

    Got My Tickets!

    Nope. I think it’s fairly new. I hear they have killer pizza though!