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  1. JediSLP

    Got My Tickets!

    Hooray! Haven’t seen BK in about 10 years. I was watching the clock closely!
  2. I’ve been in some serious Kweller withdrawal and today I see that Ben will be in my neck of the woods (a 2-hour Drive) in November! Sitting by the clock, counting down until tickets go on sale. Yippee!!!
  3. JediSLP

    Piano, or Guitar?

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2c0L7_flG7U&list=PL61C68332A98A6178&index=8&t=0s The One Minute POP Song vid discussing instruments.
  4. I only have The Bens EP that has Bruised, X-fire, Just Pretend, and Stop! on it. Some or all songs make it onto most of my playlists.
  5. JediSLP

    Mellow Or Rock Ben?

    I think I’d say mellow Ben too, simply because that’s sort of where I’m at in my life right now. Seeking more mellowness in this crazy world. But when I want to rawk out there’s plenty of BK to choose from!
  6. JediSLP

    Changing Horses Appreciation Thread

    I was quite skeptical of Changing Horses when Ben talked about it at the merch table after a concert. At the time I was like “naw, I don’t do country”, even though I’m originally from North Carolina LOL. Well, fastforward a few months to a year later when I decided to try it out and was thrilled! I learned a valuable lesson. Yes, there are genres and styles of music, but no one (artist or appreciator) has to box themself in to one particular style. I’m now much more open to music of all styles and truly appreciate artists’ ability to exhibit the finest qualities of each style even if it’s not a “style” I would listen to on a regular basis (I’m looking at you, Screamo). When the artist is authentic and able to represent the style (or even music that doesn’t even have a defined style/label) it’s so exciting! I think it’s one reason I’m such a strong supporter of local music now. Music I wouldn’t necessary download is so much different when performed during a live show and I just love seeing artists give it there all day in and day out, even for tiny crowds of 30-50 at a local eatery. I’m always enjoy the energy and the music, even you Screamos 🙂
  7. JediSLP

    I gotta move

    Ohhhh mama, I gotta move!
  8. JediSLP

    Getting to know you

    Different But The Same I’d have to say John Lennon because (gasp!) I don’t really listen to the Beatles but Imagine is one of my all time favorite songs. Strange Magic Blue Album Don’t force me to choose! But if you do, I’d say East Coast. Donatello
  9. I wonder if this is the same forum I mentioned a few moments ago, just new and improved? It was around 2008 that I was on one.
  10. I remember a forum from way back that looked like it was in the Beta testing stages. LOL. In fact, I think the word beta was somewhere on the log in page and you could only pull up the forum half the time. Haha! Glad I decided to see if there was one still out there! I remember there was a lot of really cool people on it.
  11. JediSLP

    Why the crooked second L in Kweller?

    I’m shocked no one ever asked before!
  12. JediSLP

    Piano, or Guitar?

    Yes! I do the same. I also have BK playlists for when I want to get revved up and playlists for when I want to chill and mellow out.
  13. JediSLP

    Piano, or Guitar?

    I remember a One Minute Pop Song vid where you talked about playing all the instruments and where you ranked your skill level on each. Fun fun.
  14. JediSLP

    Piano, or Guitar?

    Oh man, tough question. I think if I had to choose, I’d say piano because the first song I ever heard him play live was Penny on the Train Track and I was hooked forever. At another concert, guitar took center stage and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to (even 10 years later). I can only tie it with a TREVOR Hall concert in Asheville, NC a couple years ago. Very similar energy and intimacy of both those venues and humble, authentic artists.
  15. JediSLP

    Share your pictures and videos of Ben

    These photos and videos are great! None of my iPhone 4 photos in my pic library are “shareable” quality LOL