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    I was lucky enough to get an autographed copy of Go Fly A Kite from his website back when he had them (I think they were limited to the first 100 copies or something). Unfortunately I left my diorama at my mom's house when I moved to Iowa, and she somehow tossed it at some point before she moved from there, so I don't have that one anymore. I have my autographed BK Teamster card though.
  2. I was on your message board back in the day. I made the design for the BKFC t-shirt. I also won a fan site contest before from BK Cabana. Alex! I think I went by xpoptartx back then, but I totally remember you. I miss everyone. Pam & Mel, Schmoutz, Kat, WobblyheadedAdam, etc. Lots of memories.