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  1. Sorry I'm late to the party, but here are some answers.

    1) Favorite Ben Kweller song? I hate to be repetitive, but I'm still stuck on Wendy.

    2) Favorite member of the Beatles? Ringo.  He narrated Thomas and Friends.

    3) Favorite Electric Light Orchestra song? Don't Bring Me Down.

    4) Pinkerton or Blue Album? I can't really choose between them.  I love them both.

    5) West Coast or East Coast rap? I grew up in the dirty south so I'm gonna have to go with South Coast, sorry lol.

    6) Favorite Ninja Turtle? Donatello.

  2. The rendition of Wendy that Ben sang on the radio is my hands down favorite BK song ever.
    (The version that goes:
    I feel sick today
    I don't feel like me
    Someone took your smile away
    Like a fortune cookie
    And no one loves till it's gone.
    I used to sing this song to my baby sister like a lullaby, and later I sang it to my son.

    If I had to choose only 5 songs it would be really difficult, but...  Let's say my top 5 for now would be:

    1. Wendy
    2. Family Tree
    3. Debbie Don't Worry Doll
    4. Walk On Me
    5. Gossip
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  3. I was lucky enough to get an autographed copy of Go Fly A Kite from his website back when he had them (I think they were limited to the first 100 copies or something).  Unfortunately I left my diorama at my mom's house when I moved to Iowa, and she somehow tossed it at some point before she moved from there, so I don't have that one anymore.

    I have my autographed BK Teamster card though.


  4. On 2/7/2018 at 12:33 AM, Ben said:

    we finally have a forum again!!!!!

    i am sooooo happy.

    any oldschool Kwellerheadz out there????


    I was on your message board back in the day.  I made the design for the BKFC t-shirt.  I also won a fan site contest before from BK Cabana.

    On 2/10/2018 at 12:05 AM, AlexDeeley said:

    Crazy. This was the only message board I was on back in the day. I wonder how many of those folks will turn up. I think my name was the same... it may have been Alexander. 


    Great to see some life! 

    Alex!  I think I went by xpoptartx back then, but I totally remember you.  I miss everyone.  Pam & Mel, Schmoutz, Kat, WobblyheadedAdam, etc.  Lots of memories.

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