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  1. I read somewhere that you've played with a charlie watt's drums kit... Is it true ? Do you know wich rolling stones 's song is a "cousin" of a BK's one ??
  2. I discovered ASH when they were playing "Shinning light" at Jool's Holland BBC TV show... A great song: great riff, great harmonies and guitars, subtle change pitch... and backing vocals of Charlotte you hear it only one time and you've got it in mind all day.... 1977 is a fine album but - It's just my opinion - not so subtle and diversified as Sha Sha... maybe too electric for my fragile tears... ok: I go out....
  3. Complicated !!... seek the happiness... What's the secret ? Love ? To be true to yourself ? "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"
  4. The bends ?? probably "my best album" of the 90's: nothing to throw... I'd like to know if this album has inspired Ben... Kweller !!
  5. I followed your advice: few hours with ELO... Telephone line is fine ! I knew Mr Blue sky... and "don't bring me down Some good songs... and some others badly aged (my tastes are weird ! Jeff Lynne seemed fascinated by the beatles and Beach Boys vocals harmonies !!! some songs looks like Ringo Starr's ones.... I HE Ok: I go out
  6. 1) Favorite Ben Kweller song? In other words - Oh man, all is there: harmonies, rhythm changes, words (in other or not ;), and the last part: pause and then, so cosmic ! - after several listenings, I paid attention to the banjo/mandoline: luminous ! When the song is finished, I put it again, definitly one of the song I'll bring with me on an island !.... "it starts stopping when it stops stopping" 2) Favorite member of the Beatles? The beatles, better stronger together ! 3) Favorite Electric Light Orchestra song? I Don't know that band very well ... sorry... 4) Pinkerton or Blue Album? I've missed Weezer... It was my full britpop period ! 5) West Coast or East Coast rap? The question is : Is there texan rap ??
  7. Oldhat, try: Derek and the dominoes (Clapton) "Little wing" live at fillmore... each time, so great... be carefull: you may stop to play guitar after hearing that song ! And the summum: Little Wing - Allman Brothers Band with Eric Clapton (2009).... pfhhhh !!!!!
  8. 3 - Blue Sky by Allman Brothers ? I didn't know this song... shame on me... gretoo american for an european like me !
  9. Hi Connor 1. Just like a woman, Knocking on heaven's door 2. In other words 3. The beatles/clapton: While my guitar gently weeps 4. Here or Anywhere !
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