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  1. Yo @Denverick !!! Thank you for telling me!! it's totally temporary. NoiseCo is switching distributors and it will be back sooooooon. Sorry you could't enjoy my spreadsheet jamz... ?xoxoBK
  2. Ben

    Please follow THE GET YOU

    Thanks everyone who liked the page! We got well over 25 likes and now the band has the official URL www.fb.com/thegetyou @philip yes it will totally be on Spotify! If you dig it please consider buying it on iTunes or sharing the Spotify link with your friends. Thanks for supporting cool musicccc!!!!
  3. Hey guys! You probably remember the amazing, Fred Eltringham, who played drums in the Sha Sha band and also recorded On My Way with me. He’s got a really cool band called The Get You. FB has a new rule where you need 25 likes before you can have your own URL. Please go over to Facebook and be one of the first to follow them. Click here: https://www.facebook.com/The-Get-You-2160599297552224 Thanks for the support! BK
  4. Hey y'all! sorry I was away for awhile. I've been working on so much stuff. prepping new album for 2019. NoiseCo has a ton of cool stuff lined up as well. We have 3 new artists on the roster... Modern Love Child, Amy Cook, and The Get You. Some of you may remember the Fred Eltringham, drummer of all Sha Sha tours and drummer on half the On My Way recordings. He can be seen in the "Wasted & Ready" video. Well, The Get You is Fred's new cover band. Their album comes out this Friday. I'll post a link on here once it's available. I sing on one of the songs, as does Sheryl Crow and Kacey Musgraves. Amy Cook, you'll know from the Austin scene and maybe from our collabo, "Getting To You". She's one of my favorite singers evah... Her new album kicks major ass and will be released in a few months. Modern Love Child is a brand new artist from Venice, Cali. His real name is Jonny Shane and he's raaaaad. All he has at the moment is an Instagram account. I'll keep you posted on this cool musik. xo
  5. Ben

    The New BK vid

    i'll be the only one to chime in here..... I LOVE IT! hahahahaha
  6. Ben

    Favorite Covers by BK

    @jfra duuuuude! I forgot about that!!!!!! i think that was an original but I'll have to ask JK! I'll get him to chime in!
  7. Ben

    Favorite Soundtracks

    Help! by the Beatles ?
  8. i'm getting into mountain biking and curious if anyone on here is into it...
  9. Ben

    What are you listening to?

    @philip Diet Cig RULE!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Ben

    What are you listening to?

    @Seth me and Davíd Garza are verrrrry tight homies. he's one of the most talented and prolific guys i know. i need to do a Best Friends episode on him!
  11. Ben

    What are you listening to?

    here's an ecclectic assortment of shizzz i'm listening to.... Loving all of Kurt Vile's stuff King Krule 6 Feet Beneath The Moon Twenty One Pilots Blurryface Golden Dawn Arkestra Children of the Sun The Get You (unreleased - coming soon on NoiseCo) New Amy Cook (unreleased - coming soon on NoiseCo) Bill Withers Still Bill Otis Redding Pain in My Heart i'm also on a steady diet of books on tape, podcasts and youtube videos. i listen to "The Daily" every morning as i prep for the day.
  12. Ben

    What are you listening to?

    @OldHat no i didn't! but shit, i lovvvvved "Sucked Out". haven't heard that song in yeeeeeears. i need to pull that one up. maybe along with some vintage Placebo.
  13. yooooooo!!! people have been requesting baby onsies for a long time and finally, finally, finally they are here!!! my sister just had a baby and i'm definitely getting him one. then it dawned on me that we should do a whole line of baby products called "BK BABY". Gives a whole new meaning to my dayz of covering Vanilla Ice. hahaha! we do also have some new items for big people - NEW tank top, NEW hoodie. all items feature the Crooked L logo. NEW MERCH => New Ben Kweller Merch xoxoBK
  14. Ben

    Sha Sha Record Store Day vinyl release

    it's TRUE! ATO is releasing a special Record Store Day Sha Sha! :-) @OldHat you can totally call your local shop and tell them to order one for you. then you don't have to wait in line or miss out!!! haha!