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  1. jfra

    Re-Release of Radish on streaming

    That's a VERY good question. What say ye, @Ben?
  2. jfra

    Radish vinyl reissues

    He keeps saying he's going to release more Radish stuff, but I don't know what the timeline for that would be. Best case scenario would be after this album cycle. At the very least he could make Hello and Dizzy available digitally, but there very well could be bigger things on the horizon, but not any time soon I don't think.
  3. I'm sure @Ben can answer the Melange and Bromeo questions. As far as Caddo Mills and Discount go, any physical copies are just burned copies as far as I know. No actual mass-produced copies exist that I've ever heard about.
  4. jfra

    Favorite Soundtracks

    Meet the Deedles...featuring Radish!
  5. jfra

    Favorite Covers by BK

    The first time I saw Radish they played "Mickey" (the big Toni Basil hit from the 80s) which morphed into a song that went "When I grow up I wanna be a surfer" which sounded like a cover, but I can't confirm. @Ben, what song was that?
  6. jfra

    Your First Love (Musically Speaking)

    That's cool that Weezer fans helped to get other fans into BK/Radish. I was never a huge Weezer fan, but a few years ago, some friends of mine recruited me to play drums in a Weezer tribute band, so I started really delving into their music (or at least the songs I was learning). I was amazed by how much Weezer influence there was in Radish songs, especially some of the stuff on Discount Fireworks. It made it easier to learn the songs pretending they were unreleased Radish songs...haha I'm older than most of you guys, so my first big musical love was (and still is) KISS. Radish being on the same label as KISS, Mercury Records, partially had something to do with me getting into Radish.
  7. jfra

    Discount Fireworks

    Nah, it's definitely Discount Fireworks that has Cally on it and not Restraining Bolt. That's my favorite too. I thought that was going to be the hit on the album. But what do I know...I don't know why the general public didn't make Restraining Bolt a platinum album.
  8. jfra

    Discount Fireworks

    Was Discount Fireworks completely mixed, mastered, and in the can by the time its plug got pulled? It's been awhile since I've listened to my copy, but I seem to remember it being a little unpolished still. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be like that though.
  9. jfra

    show recordings

    I got a couple of them. One for sure was in Baton Rouge. I think he did Panamanian Girl on that one. I'll have to look at home and see what the other one was that I have. I haven't thought about "Tylenol" in forever! What era was that from exactly, @Ben ?
  10. jfra

    Special Occasions

    Weeeelll, EPKs were a thing before DVDs were a thing. We definitely got some EPKs on VHS at the radio station back in the day. I've got a Bad 4 Good one for sure. I think the closest thing we got for a Radish EPK from Mercury was an official-looking VHS of "My Guitar" from Letterman. Damn, that's not on YouTube either! Is that something you can legally put up or nah? I'm guessing nah.
  11. The only BK, er...Radish song I ever learned (when I had a guitar...which was sold to a pawn shop by an old roommate for drug money a long time ago...grr) was Simple Sincerity. I think I told JK once he needed to turn that into a country song and play it in JDK, but I don't think it ever happened.
  12. jfra

    Favorite BK Memories

    Too many to pick just one, but I'll tell you what random thing I do maybe a couple of times a month that makes me think of @Ben is how to make yourself sneeze if you feel one coming on but can't. We were following Radish around for what ended up being their final 2 shows May of 1999. Hanging out in the hotel parking lot (in Austin, I believe) just chatting, and I can't remember if I had to sneeze, or my friend, or if Ben did, but somehow he graced me with the knowledge to look at the sun or a bright light if the sneeze isn't coming, and somehow it makes it happen. So I've been doing that ever since, and it works like a charm! In the same hotel parking lot chat, I first heard Ben's nickname for AirTran Airways was ScareTran, which my buddy Jack and I still laugh about.
  13. jfra

    Special Occasions

    Got this off eBay a few days ago since I didn't see that it was on YouTube. It's pretty rad. What's the story behind it, @Ben? I'm gonna a guess it was a promo either sent to radio stations or more likely to indie record stores.
  14. jfra

    Radish on Spotify

    @Ben Yesss!!! Funnel cakes and root beer for everyone!!
  15. jfra

    What are you listening to?

    It's super rare that there are new bands that I like. I'm all about KISS and 80s metal (Motley Crue, Def Leppard, etc.). In the late 90s I was a DJ on the "alternative" station here in Houston, 107.5 The Buzz. I got into silverchair. Then one of my fellow DJs came back from hosting one of our Wednesday Night Concert Series shows at Urban Art Bar (tickets were $1.07 for these shows), and she's like "Jarod, you're going to like this band" (knowing that I was a silverchair fan), and gave me the Dear Aunt Arctica single from Radish. I did like it! And it turned out for the Wednesday night concert the next week, there was a cancellation, so they invited Radish back. I made sure I was the DJ "host" for that show. I saw the show, talked to Ben, his dad, and the rest of the band, and have been a fan ever since. Over the years I met other Radish fans, and my buddy Jack and I would drive to Dallas to see shows since they didn't make it down our way that often. One time a band named Bowling For Soup was opening up for Radish at a place called The Door. We were standing outside chatting, and I was like, hey let's go check out this opening band for a bit (not thinking I'd like them, because I don't like any new bands except silverchair and Radish). Well Bowling For Soup blew us the fuck away! So I like 3 "new" bands. And it pretty much stayed that way till 2013 when I happened to see this local Houston band called Waterparks opening for someone else I was going to see. They kind of had that pop-punk thing going on, but the songs weren't all that catchy. Just OK. But they were good enough (and funny enough) that I started following them on Twitter. They put out a few really good quality videos for a local band. Fast forward 2015...Waterparks had signed to a record label and were being managed by the Madden brothers from Good Charlotte. They released an EP, and it was light years ahead of their previous stuff. Well-produced and every song had a hook and were great. They put out two full-length albums after that, and both are perfect as well. I can't for the life of me turn any of my friends on to this band. They can't get past that the songs sound so "pop". I'm surprised I like it too, but they're catchy as fuck. And once I read the lyrics along while listening to the songs, I knew the lyrics are genius as well. tl;dr WATERPARKS