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  1. bigbagofnothing

    BK 2018 Tour

    oooooh I'd fly to Seattle for a BK show for sure.
  2. bigbagofnothing

    BK RSD 2018 Release

    Isn't this nice to have an open forum to a rock star? You can ask him anything, even if it seems way over the top and/or impossible! Here goes: Hey Ben. My request is simple. There's maybe 30 of us here? Half that are kind of active, the other half are dormant. So, what I'm asking isn't too out there. What I would like is a copy of the Sha Sha RSD release on white vinyl. NOT FOR FREE obv. I'm sure the group would agree: We are hard working people who pay bills and are willing to shell out a few shekels for, what amounts to, the BK Holy Grail. I mean, I sometimes see this album on Discogs for 300,000 yen! (hey, siri, what's 300,000 yen in US dollars? $2,844!) There are 1200 copies of this album that will most assuredly fall into the hands of the greedy Discogs/Ebay seller who won't buy it for the love of music. Not to mention RSD has become kind of a cluster. I visit two local record stores that do things completely different and it's tough to get out there with 50 other people, 75% of whom are these resellers. They aren't buying it because it makes them feel feelings that they felt when they were 23 and taking road trips and partying with friends. They are buying it so they can have more money for their next sale. I understand if the answer is no. Some of these things are out of your control, and I get that. But mull it over, my friend. You are a special type of rock star. The type that personalizes orders from your website. I bought Go Fly A Kite in your store and you sent old backstage passes and stickers and a note with it! WHO DOES THAT? Thanks for hearing me out. You don't know I'm here me ouuuuut. Signed, Matt
  3. bigbagofnothing

    BK 2018 Tour

    I get email alerts for this thread and when i did, i got REALLY excited, then disappointed.
  4. bigbagofnothing

    Play the guitar?? which bk songs do you rock out on?

    I learned chords, then learned a few BK songs. But the one song I LOVE to play is Lizzy. The intro and outro plucking makes me feel like i'm making the leap from guitar novice to guitar one-step-above-novice.
  5. bigbagofnothing

    BK 2018 Tour

    Having said all that, any small venue is great. I've seen you at the Granada in Dallas, Shipping and Receiving in Fort Worth, both great places to catch a show.
  6. bigbagofnothing

    BK 2018 Tour

    I'm in Arlington, but have driven to both Dallas and Fort Worth for shows. Never miss a BK show, no matter what. Having said that, I have very few friends. Luckily, they are BKheads so we will show up like a small army, singing every lyric. And i'm so down for a meetup/soundcheck/drinks preshow. Whatever you have time for. Thanks, Ben.
  7. bigbagofnothing

    Why the crooked second L in Kweller?

    This is probably a super ultra inside thing, but does anyone know why the second L in Kweller is crooked?
  8. bigbagofnothing

    BK 2018 Tour

    i second this motion.
  9. bigbagofnothing

    Favorite Ben Kweller Album (poll)

    I picked On My Way for personal reasons. My buddy burned me a copy of it and i popped it in, waiting for "that song with that "sex reminds her of eating spaghetti" song". I waited, track after track. Ultimately, i was disappointed bc that song wasn't on this album but dang this was a freaking awesome album with catchy tunes and deep lyrics. then when i learned how to play on my way on guitar, it was on.
  10. bigbagofnothing

    Piano, or Guitar?

    Yeah, i also dig both too much to choose just one.
  11. bigbagofnothing

    What are you listening to?

    the new Joshua Hedley is very good. Him and guys like Sam Outlaw and Midland are making great 90's country music that makes my ears happy the new Migos holds up. it's a lot and can get repetitive, but it's good. Stir Fry is a great song. Sylvan Esso continues to make magic. Bermuda Triangle (with Brittney Howard from Alabama Shakes) has some great mellow stuff out there right now. Dawes will always be a go-to for me.
  12. bigbagofnothing

    More Questions

    1. Don't think twice, all along the watchtower, i like pretty much everything on the new basement tapes. 2. lyrical: thirteen and different but the same. instrumental: lizzy. love that intro and outro. 3. stairway 4. to a place where anyone can make music and be famous. my 5 year old daughter makes beats in garage band. it'll all have to do with the person. is the person going to be genuine and humble and try to make good music without searching for the fame, or is the person going to lay down a generic pop song with the intent to be rich and famous? that's what's going to determine whether the music is good and genuine and not dirty.