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  1. Yeah! And 'Old Hat' is in my top 3 of tunes on Changing Horses!!
  2. Hey! -Not hate..Just a negative association? Ha. (Staying up too late as a child. Sleeping under pool tables? Doesn't sound too bad if I were back in college, though!) & I guess it doesn't have so much to do with the hair. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll give it another listen. -Nat SN: But, I have to be honest...I am one of those douche'aroos that would choose 10 other albums before putting on the Beatles. O_o
  3. i think you mean raphael, in red, and those were sais
  4. 1) Favorite Ben Kweller song? wasted & ready, but if i want to wallow in my own misery then the ballad of wendy baker for sure... 2) Favorite member of the Beatles? george. 3) Favorite Electric Light Orchestra song? just.. cant.. do it... reminds me of my dad with bad hair.. 4) Pinkerton or Blue Album? pinkerton 5) West Coast or East Coast rap? why not dirty south??? 6) Favorite Ninja Turtle? miikey
  5. You've been in a long term relationship with the same gal for quite some time (while in the spotlight)! What would you say are three essentials to keeping it healthy, happy, ongoing, and of course alive. Thanks!
  6. I think that all depends on the mood. If I'm ready to rock out I will go (electric) guitar all day, sometimes I still listen to restraining bolt. but if I want something more low key I'm gonna say the keys.
  7. Yes! My husband Mikol and I, here. Old school Kweller fans for sure! But, I'm distracted and also laughing pretty hard over the guy who chose 'lickthepuss' as his/her username. Nice! In all awesome seriousness, just had our 2nd kiddo last week. Stuck at thtr house breast/ cluster-feeding. Trying to avoid the flu...And reminiscing about days of youth while listening to BK tunes and netflix'ing! You're one of our staples! Thank you!
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