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  1. Well, Ben, it's a long time ago (10 years), when you played the 14th of December in Berlin. I always disliked my birthday, and that was a present to myself: to drive with my car through the country and go to your concert - alone. It was so special, the first good birthday I could remember. You sold your merch after the concert, that was cool. I bought a LP, went out and straight to the next bar I was able to find, drank one Orangina, took a big breathe and drove home, almost 400 km away from Berlin. Since your first album, I'm a huge fan. From the beginning, your songs touched me – I guess "in other words" is my favorite one. There are not a lot of artists I followed like that. Fiona Apple maybe, but, well… Anyway, I know it's never easy to fly over that ocean and to leave his family behind, but take them with you and come back to Germany! Wherever you will play, I will be there (with my family now) ;-) Bye Nic
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