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  1. madcoweater

    West Coast Tour Leg

    Planning to be at the Seattle show! Really excited for it.
  2. madcoweater

    BK RSD 2018 Release

    Saw a sealed copy on the shelf at a small town record store today... too bad I already bought one on Ebay. Just thought it was funny that there are still copies on the shelf from 2 months ago when I couldn't find one anywhere in Seattle on release day.
  3. madcoweater

    BK RSD 2018 Release

    Store I went to got 1 copy and someone else grabbed it 2 seconds before me. So no dice for me too...
  4. madcoweater

    BK Vinyl

    I'm super happy that I was finally recently able to get a copy of Ben Kweller's self titled album on vinyl. With the RSD release of Sha Sha hopefully I can finish out my collection... Anyone else have a BK vinyl collection they are excited about?
  5. madcoweater

    BK 2018 Tour

    Come to Seattle and play at the Crocodile. Its a great relatively small venue. I don't know any other BK fans here but I would try my best to get at least a few people to come.