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  1. The new(ly re-recorded) Twin Fantasy by Car seat Headrest. So good.
  2. 1) Favorite Ben Kweller song? Family Tree, no question. 2) Favorite member of the Beatles? I want to say George, but I know it’s Paul. 3) Favorite Electric Light Orchestra song? Livin’ Thing, pure swagger. 4) Pinkerton or Blue Album? Maladroit. Just kidding, Blue Album. 5) West Coast or East Coast rap? East coast rap, West coast living. 6) Favorite Ninja Turtle? The one who used the daggers.
  3. Crazy. This was the only message board I was on back in the day. I wonder how many of those folks will turn up. I think my name was the same... it may have been Alexander. Great to see some life!
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