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  1. There was a point in time that I listened to the self titled album at least five times a day. Shaped so many things in my life, I was still really new to music, and I learned all of the tracks and would imitate them, and it's led me down some amazing paths that I don't think I would've gone down had I not had such a burning love for that album. Penny on the train track is one that we jam all the damn time. There aren't a lot of tracks that me and my old pals all know collectively, but that one.. when we're all chillin together in a room, is always an amazing sing along song. That and Sundress. I learned how to play music off this album, and I couldn't be more grateful. Also, like many have mentioned already, it's so hard to choose just one. After I listened to the self title, I went back through the whole catalog, which I had previously not heard besides "In Other Words" (which is the first song I figured out on the piano.) And Lizzy with the picking.. I'm tellin you man, you taught me everything I needed to know to learn music. You're music has changed my life in so many ways. Not trying to be the dick that talks about his own musical growth on a public forum about Ben, just wanting to share how much he's inspired me to be an artist in a world where most people hate on artists, especially when they're in the aspiring stages. Much love though, my intent is only to share goodness, and boost up and thank Ben Kweller for having had such an impact. Willy
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