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  1. Speaking of music that makes me smile, this was on my twitter feed this morning, and after 30 seconds of listening I thought of your work on The Bens album. Never heard of them, but I love #FeelGoodMusic!
  2. Red Eye is my favorite right now. Paul. Like BK, a lot of the music he writes just makes you feel good! I do love the structure of Mr. Blue Sky. The Blue Album. I didn't listen to much music that was played on the radio until high school, and that was a few years after this album. Now I've returned to listening to music that isn't on the radio. lol If you force my hand, I'd probably go with West Coast. I prefer Midwest Choppers, but then, I didn't listen to rap until the 00's. I'm still catching up. Donatello - I can't quit believing in the nerd in me.
  3. My two favorite BK songs are on On My Way, but Ben Kweller is usually the album I queue up first, and it's the album I use to introduce you to people that need some feelgood music in their lives. Believer has some of my favorite lyrics coupled with that sweet, sweet melody, and it's the first song of yours that I immediately had to grab my axe and learn. I really dig the diminishing drumbeat in Down, not forgetting the balls-to-the-wall section near the end. Power! I have personally given Red Eye my best many, many times on a late night drive.
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