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  1. guitwiz

    Your First Love (Musically Speaking)

    Rivers loves the idea of having a hit record. It’s really his passion. So he is doing what he loves. Sadly those efforts are largely bad. EWBAITE wouldn’t have been good if the album wasn’t focus grouped with hardcore fans. White wouldn’t have been good if it wasn’t produced by a hardcore fan (Jake Sinclair)
  2. guitwiz

    Your First Love (Musically Speaking)

    Add me to the Weezer list. Still remember the first time I heard Undone on Clickradio. Shortly after, green came out and rocked my 7th grade world. Wasn’t too long before I was downloading maladroit demos and posting on Weezernation. It’s there that I learned about Beulah, Neutral Milk, Sufjan Stevens, Ben Folds and our boy Ben Kweller. A band has never disappointed me more, but had likewise never given me such a high. I don’t know where they stand anymore, but I used to say they were part of my “holy trinity:” The Beatles, Weezer and Dr. Dog. Add The Kinks, Bob Dylan and Father John Misty to That list nowadays, but that’s Still the bedrock for everything that came after
  3. guitwiz

    BK RSD 2018 Release

    Had 3 people look at their stores. No dice. Ended up buying for $60 from a scalper. not cool ATO
  4. guitwiz

    BK RSD 2018 Release

    Agreed. I have asked about 4 people in multiple states to keep an eye out for this for me. Such a low print run for such a seminal album. I really want to score a copy to replace my long ago pawned Australian promo (regrets) but I don't have much hope left.
  5. guitwiz

    Favorite BK Memories

    One time I saw Ben in Little Rock -- my first MONTH of college back in '07. Last time he was in the area I believe. It was my (ex now) girlfriend's birthday, and I ran into him after the show. I asked if he'd call and tell her happy birthday (he was her fav). I still remember him saying "hey, happy birthday girlfriend!" She was PISSED the next morning. "Why did you wake me up at 1 AM?!" She was much more pissed when she realized she was half asleep and talking to Ben Kweller on the phone without even realizing it.
  6. guitwiz

    What are you listening to?

    Really digging this new MGMT album. I thought it was p. good at first, but the more I listed, the more into it I am.
  7. Some cool music coming out right now... and plenty of music to discover from the past. Listening to Car Seat Headrest's Twin Fantasy. They're reminiscent of 90s Pavement and Modest Mouse, while still sounding fresh. This new album is a re-recording of a 2011 lo-fi release. It's pretty amazing honestly.
  8. guitwiz

    Getting to know you

    I am going to fail this test 1.) Lizzy has a special place in my heart 2.) Definitely Paul... He is the most prolific Beatle (30+ albums), and I love even the junk he puts out. Wings rivals the Beatles at points for me. But, I think an argument could easily be made for George. He didn't put out as much, especially as a Beatle, but when he released something, you knew it was going to blow your socks off. 3.) I don't really know much ELO... so I'll say "Heading for the Light" by the Wilburys 4.) Pinkerton... Blue is near perfect, but Pinkerton was life changing. 5.) West Coast is best coast 6.) Wasn't a fan of the turtles!
  9. guitwiz

    Favorite Ben Kweller Album (poll)

    Still get chills... "I'll be your glove, I'll be your scarf, I'll be the cross that covers your heart. But I don't want you to get tired of me honey, after such a good start."
  10. guitwiz

    Discount Fireworks

    Man, I had an Australian radio promo copy of Sha Sha on vinyl 7 or so years ago. I sold it (and most of my other records) before I proposed to my now wife. Needed some extra money to make life work out. I regret not hanging on to that thing!! Discount Fireworks is the bomb. That early Commerce TX, along with the Silent Night in Wasted and Ready are the stuff of dreams. I also love Here is Not Dissonant and Panamanian Girl a lot. I'll be thrilled if it sees a legit release some day.
  11. guitwiz

    Favorite Ben Kweller Album (poll)

    I feel pretty lonely saying Changing Horses is my favorite. Sha Sha was life-changing when I first heard it. It came to me about the same time as Neutral Milk Hotel, Weezer, Ben Folds and Sufjan Stevens... It opened up a world outside of the top 40 radio. The S/T brought me back to those feelings. And my girlfriend at the time was really into On My Way (joyous High School memories!). But Changing Horses was absolutely amazing. I remember sitting in a car with friends and reading the liner notes. Something about Ben growing up in Texas (?) and being raised on country music. You can't escape your roots sometimes. Yadda yadda. I'm from Arkansas, so I can relate. My grandma took me to school every morning from 3rd to 7th grade and we'd listen to Merle, George, Conway and all the other classic "real country." Hearing Changing Horses was a revelation though. It was a blend of that "indie" music that I had come to listen to, with what I grew up on. It was a statement to me that I didn't have to be ashamed of the country music I grew up on. Not to mention the fact that it was REALLY great. Time for me to pull out CH and give it another spin! It's been too long.