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  1. @OldHat Thanks for starting this tread! Was surprised by "Changing Horses" when I first listened to it, but really enjoyed it. Love "Gypsy Rose" and "Ballad of Wendy Baker". I remember when I bought the album, it came with a little signed poster; thought that was awesome. Immediately hung it up, front and center in my dorm room. :)

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  2. Great question! I'll go with piano. Really dig all of Ben's piano-based songs. The piano/sound seems to help define the song; have it stand out; make it unique. Nothin' much better in life than listening to In Other Words ...

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  3. 1) Favorite Ben Kweller song? Hospital Bed. Not sure why, but it gets "stuck" in my head ALL the time. Which I always welcome!

    2) Favorite member of the Beatles? John. 

    3) Favorite Electric Light Orchestra song?  Must admit, not SUPER familiar with ELO, but Livin' Thing.

    4) Pinkerton or Blue Album? Pinkerton. Such a beautiful album.

    5) West Coast or East Coast rap? Again, not SUPER familiar, but West Coast.

    6) Favorite Ninja Turtle? Raphael. As a kid, loved his trident weapon thingie.

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